Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge: reviews of the new smartphones

First Reaction
Fri 6 Mar, AT 10:44

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is a 'flagship phone that finally feels like a flagship', reviewers say

Apple Pay

Apple Pay UK: when will the payment system launch in Britain?

Fri 6 Mar, AT 10:24

Concerns about the security of Apple Pay continue as speculation grows about its UK launch

Star Wars 7: Princess Leia to become 'Queen Leia' in new film

One-Minute Read
Fri 6 Mar, AT 10:14

Leaks suggest that Leia is a queen in The Force Awakens and holds a 'leadership role' in the Rebel Alliance

General Election 2015

General Election 2015: Major urges Labour to rule out SNP pact and 'save UK'

Election Watch
Fri 6 Mar, AT 09:57

Countdown to 7 May: daily comment from the Mole, the latest polls and the best media election coverage

International Women's Day: how is equality measuring up?

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Fri 6 Mar, AT 09:46

Women across the world earn 77 per cent of what men earn, with mothers taking home even less

Harrison Ford plane crash

Harrison Ford in hospital after crash-landing WW2 plane

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Fri 6 Mar, AT 09:46

Star Wars actor suffered 'multiple gashes to the head' but is expected to make a full recovery

Islamic State fighters 'bulldoze' ancient Iraqi city

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Fri 6 Mar, AT 09:22

Militants raided the historical city in their latest attack on the 'non-Islamic heritage' of the Middle East

Columnist Don Brind

Labour retake the lead as Tories drop three points

Fri 6 Mar, AT 09:21
Don Brind

And in London, Ed Miliband’s party pulls 12 points ahead of the Tories - best since last May

Spitting row: Cisse faces long ban as Evans denies charge

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Fri 6 Mar, AT 09:12

Papiss Cisse admits his guilt and apologises, but Jonathan Evans says he was unaware of spitting incident

Migrant population increases by half a million in three years

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Fri 6 Mar, AT 08:59

Researchers estimate that two-thirds of arrivals were from the EU, with 189,000 moving to London

Fernando Alonso, Ferrari F1 driver

Alonso 'blacked out before Barcelona crash'

One-Minute Read
Fri 6 Mar, AT 08:44

Reports suggest Alonso thought he was 13-year-old go-karter when he woke up in hospital

David Cameron arrives at EU summit in Brussels

Stonewall Cameron: how they're taking PM's TV refusal

First Reaction
Fri 6 Mar, AT 08:17

Cameron's ultimatum has not gone down well – given how keen he was to debate in 2010

General election 2015: who is going to win?

Thu 5 Mar, AT 15:32

With Ukip, the SNP and even the Greens gaining ground, anything could happen at the 2015 General Election

Islamic State-themed wedding provokes outcry – video

Thu 5 Mar, AT 14:40

Footage shows knife-wielding men forcing the couple into a cage on the dance floor while jihadi music plays