Nigeria: can Muhammadu Buhari really defeat Boko Haram?

One-Minute Read
Fri 29 May, AT 12:57

New president vows to succeed where Goodluck Jonathan failed and rid Islamist militants from the north

Arts Council pleads for end to cuts – but should taxes fund art?

Talking Point
Fri 29 May, AT 12:49

Council chief warns that arts cuts damage our culture, while some critics say that public money can stifle creativity


Texas floods bring a tide of snakes, alligators and a coffin

One-Minute Read
Fri 29 May, AT 12:14

More than 1,000 snakes try to escape rising waters by sheltering in kitchens, linen closets and on patios

alarm clock

A coffee alarm and five other bizarre gadgets to wake you up

Fri 29 May, AT 11:55

From electric shocks to a one-minute morning wake-up call from strangers across the world

Michael Jackson's Neverland ranch goes on sale for $100m

One-Minute Read
Fri 29 May, AT 11:18

The fairground and exotic animals are long gone, but a fire house, train tracks and a solitary llama remain

Oil price climbs, but further drops are forecast

One-Minute Read
Fri 29 May, AT 11:11

Falling US inventories lead to rise in the oil price, but analysts say oversupply remains a problem

'Healthy' snacks for kids contain more sugar than Haribo sweets

One-Minute Read
Fri 29 May, AT 11:02

Parents are 'being misled' say campaigners, but regulators insist that sugar content is 'clearly labelled'

How sleep training can rid your brain of sexism and racism

One-Minute Read
Fri 29 May, AT 10:56

Study appears to show that sleeping 'provides a unique window for altering fundamental beliefs'

Sepp Blatter Fifa 2018 World Cup

'Shameless' Blatter dodges Fifa blame as FA calls for boycott

One-Minute Read
Fri 29 May, AT 10:38

Critics stunned as Fifa president blames 'individuals' for corruption and insists he is the man to reform football

Jeremy Clarkson accused of 'cover up' in number plate row

One-Minute Read
Fri 29 May, AT 10:28

BBC rules that H982 FKL plates were not a reference to the Falklands War, but critics remain unconvinced

EU referendum: why Cameron will never please the eurosceptics

Fri 29 May, AT 09:36

The best he can hope for, commentators say, is to create an illusion that he is getting concessions