Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world on 21 12 12

Big bang theory: New Yorkers plan sex before apocalypse

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Thu 20 Dec, AT 14:15

The Mayan doomsday prophesy has handed New Yorkers the ultimate chat-up line

Keep away, French mayor begs Mayan Apocalypse fanatics

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Wed 19 Dec, AT 15:57

Mayor of Burgarach wants no more visitors seeking refuge from the end of the world

Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world on 21 12 12

Beijing arrests 500 members of Christian doomsday cult

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Wed 19 Dec, AT 12:18

Arrests across China after cult spreads rumour that world will end on 21 December

Mayan apocalypse is just a myth says Nasa - video

Fri 14 Dec, AT 16:17

Don't worry – the world will NOT come to an end on 21 December, says US space agency

ESO/L. Calçada/P. Delorme/Nick Risinger/R. Saito/VVV Consortium

Rogue planet discovered: is the Mayan apocalypse coming?

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Wed 14 Nov, AT 16:05

Scientists observe orphan planet like Nibiru, but it's unlikely to destroy Earth next month

2012 film still

Ancient Mayan calculations cast doubt on 2012 doomsday

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Fri 11 May, AT 14:23

Scientists find oldest Mayan calendar - and it keeps going past 21 December 2012

Triangular UFO Stereo

Nasa shoots down triangular UFO conspiracy theory

Thu 19 Jan, AT 14:56

Of course, if the space agency is wrong, a planet-sized spaceship is heading straight for us