David Cameron walks away from Argentina's G20 Falklands 'stunt'

Jun 20, 2012

PM clashes with President Cristina Kirchner and walks away when she offers him a package labelled 'Malvinas'


DAVID CAMERON went head-to-head with Argentina's president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner on yesterday over the status of the disputed Falkland Islands.

The two leaders clashed on the sidelines of the G20 Summit in Mexico amid high tension between the UK and Argentina following the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War.

Kirchner, who was apparently speaking so fast in Spanish that her interpreter struggled to keep up, tried to hand Cameron a stuffed envelope labelled 'Malvinas' but the PM refused to accept it and walked away.

Kirchner claimed the envelope contained 40 UN resolutions that called for negotiations on the future rule of the island. Argentine officials subsequently branded the Prime Minister a "colonialist", while Cameron claimed he was trying to counter Argentina's "propaganda" about the islands.

Hector Timerman, Argentina's Foreign Minister, told reporters afterwards: "The Prime Minister refused to accept the documents, turned his back and walked away without a farewell.

"After years of acting as a colonial power, they have forgotten that they are responsible for the existence of colonialism, and that it is countries like Argentina that defeated most of the colonial projects in the world."

According to The Daily Telegraph, Cameron had initially approached Kirchner to urge her to respect the results of a forthcoming referendum in which Falkland Islanders are certain to vote against Argentine rule.

He explained: "We should be clear that because there's a referendum there's an opportunity for those countries in the world who have not looked at this issue for a while and have perhaps accepted some of the propaganda put around by Argentina or its supporters to look again at this issue and recognise that the people of these islands should be able to determine their own future.

"It's an important point to make to the Argentine president and an important point to make more widely and that's exactly why I did what I did."

One British official told The Times that Cameron had walked away from Kirchner's proffered letter because "he thought it was a stunt". One of the Argentine officials accompanying Kirchner had a hand-held video camera.

Argentina insists Britain has illegally occupied the islands, which they call Las Islas Malvinas, since 1833. The UK says it wants to stand by the wishes of the island's 3,000-strong population to remain British.

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Referendum - Chagos Islands? Of hypocrisy...

The Falkland Islands are NOT safe in Cameron's hands! Apart from the sheer hypocrisy of allowing the Falkland Islanders a referendum on THEIR sovereignty, while denying us, in Britain. a referendum on OUR sovereignty, Cameron has thoroughly emasculated and degraded Britain's armed forces to the extent that we simply are not in any position to flex any military muscle on behalf of the Falkland Islanders.

We express "surprise" at President Kirchner's actions - why? It is plainly obvious to the man in the street that the Argentinians are preparing world and domestic opinion for another attempt to "regain" the "Malvinas", in the full knowledge that Britain is now so preoccupied in Afghanistan, and so poorly armed, and poorly led by inexperienced and immature politicians who wilfully ignore the lessons of recent history and the advice of their senior military, that the likely outcome of any further conflict in the South Atlantic will be a permanent Argentinian occupation of the Falklands.

Thus will be the established facts on the ground, beyond any redemption by any follow-up British military attempt to retake the islands. God help us and God help the Falkland Islanders - no amount of referenda will sway Kirchner from her chosen path.

If I were to be ordered by Cameron and his floppy-haired public school cronies to risk yet more life and limb in yet another, eminently avoidable, conflict, I would execute a smart about-turn, after having delivered a two fingered salute.

Well done that Lady. A true people's leader. Imagine Brazil occupied the Channel Islands a couple of hundred years ago. Would they still be there today?
Little Britain's little leaders need to accept they are living in the past and hand back what belongs to others, including all the artefacts they stole and put in museums in London along the way.

Why does Argentina want to make the Falklands into an Argentinian colony?
The people have repeatedly said they do NOT want to be Argentinian so why is Kirchner so insistent?
In order to deflect the attention of the Argentinian people from the mess that she, and her husband Néstor Kirchner before her, have/are making of running the country.
There was an agreement between Britain and Argentina to share the profits from the exploration of the resources of the area.
What happened to it?
Her husband tore it up, effectively saying that Argentina didn't want to profit from any resources - including oil - found.
So, who should the Argentinian people blame?

A true people's leader? Seriously??? Falkland Islands aside, you need to check your information.

What exactly would the options be on a UK referendum on our sovereignty

Well said!!