Tests show N Korea's James Bond was licensed to kill

Nov 27, 2012

North Korean assassin sent to kill dissident in Seoul carried a deadly arsenal of 007-style gadgets

A NORTH KOREAN assassin set out to kill a high-profile defector, now living in South Korea, using James Bond-style gadgets including a pen that fires a poisonous projectile and a torch gun capable of shooting three bullets.

The three deadly gadgets are demonstrated in a video released by CNN yesterday (see below) following the assassin's arrest in the South Korean capital Seoul late last year.

The would-be killer, identified only by his family name An, was grabbed on a subway platform before he could get to the defector, Park Sang-hak, with whom he had arranged a meeting under the pretence that he wanted to fund Park's anti-regime activism.

The assassin's gadgets are the sort of thing MI6's armourer Q might have handed out to James Bond during the Cold War.

A silver pen containing a poisoned needle resembles a Parker ballpoint and is hard to distinguish from the real thing, a South Korean expert familiar with North Korean assassination devices told CNN.

A second pen shoots a poison-filled bullet capable of piercing the skin and the torch – which has the word police stamped on its side – fires three bullets. Tests show they can pierce deep into a mattress at a range of 16 feet and would be deadly at close range.

The expert interviewed by CNN said the torch weapon had not been seen before. "This is currently loaded and dangerous, two bullets remain," he said.

The Daily Telegraph explains that Park has been a vociferous dissident since defecting from North Korea. He and his organisation regularly send balloons into North Korea carrying short-wave radios and messages critical of the communist regime.

Park told CNN he knew he was on North Korea's hit-list, but had not thought the regime would try to have him killed on the "crowded streets of Seoul". He has been given round-the-clock police protection since the assassination plot was uncovered.

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