David Cameron finds 'guidance' and 'peace' in church

Apr 12, 2014

In a rare statement of his religious views, Cameron has described Christians' 'countless acts of kindness'

Jeff J Mitchell Getty Images

David Cameron has made a rare statement about his religious views, speaking of the “peace” and “guidance” he finds through his Christianity.

During his Easter message on YouTube, the prime minister says: "Easter is not just a time for Christians across our country to reflect, but a time for our whole country to reflect on what Christianity brings to Britain."

He discusses the "countless acts of kindness" carried out every day across the UK by "those who believe in and follow Christ".

Cameron reportedly told a Downing Street gathering of Christian leaders this week that his “moments of greatest peace” come when he attends Eucharist at St Mary Abbots, the west London church linked to the school his children attend.

Also this week, Cameron told BBC Radio Norfolk that he wants his children to understand that Easter is about more than just “chocolate eggs”. 

British politicians generally avoid speaking in public about their religious beliefs. In 2003, Labour spin doctor Alastair Campbell reportedly blocked questions asked of Tony Blair about religion, saying: “We don’t go God.”

This week is not the first time Cameron has spoken about his faith. In 2009, Cameron told BBC One's Songs of Praise: "I believe in God and I'm a Christian and I worship - not as regularly as I should - but I go to church.”

However, some commentators remain unconvinced. Writing in the Daily Telegraph this morning, Damian Thompson asks: “Is David Cameron really a Christian?”

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