How long does it take to renew a passport and will I need a new one after Brexit?

Jun 27, 2016

British passports bear the words 'European Union' on the front cover, but will this soon change?

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Page 1 of 2How long does it take to renew a passport and will I need a new one after Brexit?

At the 2011 census, 42.5 million UK citizens said they held a passport – each one bearing the words "European Union" on the front cover. Now Britain has voted to withdraw from the EU, will those passports still be valid?

For the time being, yes. Britain will remain a fully paid-up member of the EU until Article 50 is triggered, probably by David Cameron's successor, and the subsequent two-year negotiation period has come to an end. So for holidays over the next couple of years, you should be covered.

As negotiations wrap up, Britain will likely begin the process of introducing new passports, without the words "European Union".

But what if you need to apply for a new passport soon? Will your new one still be valid even after the country has left the EU? Probably, says the BBC.

"While we can't say this for sure, it seems likely that the new design would just be phased in as existing passports expire."

Many Brits aren't prepared to wait that long, however - applications for Irish passports have risen sharply as those with Irish connections seek to secure their EU freedom of movement.

In the meantime, if you need to apply for a UK passport for the first time or renew an existing one, here's everything you need to know:

How do I renew my passport?

Passport application forms can be found online or picked up in a Post Office. Along with the completed application form, you will need to submit two identical photos that meet the requirements outlined here and your old passport. It will be cancelled and returned to you so that you can continue to use any unexpired visas alongside your new passport. Guidance about how to fill in the form can be found on the Passport Office website. 

How do I apply for my first passport?

The process is similar to the renewal procedure outlined above, but you will need to have your photograph and application form countersigned by a "professional person" such as a teacher, police officer or solicitor in order to confirm your identity. You will also need to send in your birth certificate and, if you were born on or after 1 January 1983, your mother's birth certificate or passport number, or your father's birth certificate or passport number and your parents' marriage certificate.

How much does a UK passport cost?

A standard UK passport costs £72.50. Fast-tracking your application or using the Post Office's Check & Send service (see below) will add to the cost. 

A child's passport costs £46.

How long does it take to get a passport?

It should usually take three weeks to renew a standard adult or child passport, or six weeks to be issued with your first British passport.

If you need a new passport more urgently, you can pay extra to book an appointment at a Passport Customer Service Centre and get your passport on the same day for £128 or within a week for £103. However, ordering an adult passport for someone who has not had one before can take six weeks, and the fast-track service is unavailable.

During busy times, including the run-up to Christmas and school holidays, waiting times can be longer. The Passport Office advises people to allow "plenty of time" to apply and not to book travel until the passport has been received.

How can I make sure my application isn't rejected?

Incorrectly filled in forms and photographs that do not meet the Passport Office's exacting standards are two common causes of rejection, which will extend your wait for a new passport.

"The guidelines of passport photos are so strict that the smallest of errors can lead to delays," the Passport Office warns. "No smiling, silly faces or poses." The photo must be framed correctly and be in proportion. For a full list of guidelines, refer to their website.

The Post Office offers a Check and Send service to ensure applicants don't fall foul of these problems. For a £9.75 fee, a member of staff will look through your application and photographs to make sure they comply with the rules.

However, the Passport Office advises against using this service during the Christmas period. It warns that delays caused by festive postal items can cause the average waiting time for your passport to be as long as 7-8 weeks.

"This obviously isn't of any use if you have already booked your travel or wish to travel in the next four weeks," it says. "Using the Fast Track Services options almost guarantees you piece of mind with your passport."

For more information, or to talk with a member of the Passport Office team, call 0300 222 000.

Page 1 of 2How long does it take to renew a passport and will I need a new one after Brexit?

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Here in Thailand passport renewals are handled by an incompetent private company VFS. Security? They don't even ask to see the original of your current/expiring passport. The system is a shambles and a disgrace.

In Canada the system is now so efficient that a passport renewal takes 3-4 days.

Once again our tranparent government are telling us lies

...just WHEN will our government stop lying to us???!!! The root cause of the problem has been the repatriation of the functions of offices abroad which handled passport applications from most Commonwealth countries, despite good advice to the contrary.

If May had any nous whatsoever she would have monitored this unfolding scenario and she would have then nipped it in the bud - now we ALL have to suffer for yet another idiot politician's stupidity.

Rubbish they've had my application 7 weeks
Someone has spelt my name wrong and they won't fast track mine.

My parents have been waiting more than 3 weeks now for their passport and due to go on a surprise holiday in 10 days!!

how does this work nishni ? i was told i need to show up at a consulate in person to get a 1 year extension.
i live in the middle of the country (canada)

They have had my passport for 7 weeks and every time I email them to try to contact they send a generic email reply. I am not applying for a new passport just a change of name. In Australia the same process took under a week.

This is for renewal of Canadian citizens' passports. I don't know anything about visa extentions etc.

My passport and that of my 2 year old daughter are both full. My passport is valid for another 8 years so the British Government offer to extend my passport's validity for another year is utterly useless.

I work and live aboard a large British flagged yacht that provides charters in SE Asia. I have to be able to travel for business reasons - generally crossing borders every 2 weeks.

At the moment I am in Thailand with 25 days to go on a non extendable visa. If I apply for a new British passport then in 10 weeks time when I get my new passport(which is the minimum time I am being told by the passport helpline) - I will be serving a minimum 6 months prison sentence for a serious overstay of my Thai visa. Oh, and will also have to cancel over USD100,000 of yacht charters in this time.

I have looked at flying to the UK for the sole purpose of renewing my passport. The first date I can get for an interview with the passport office is 1 July. Then I can pay for premium 1 day service for myself but not for my daughter - as she is a child and only qualifies for a 1 week service at best so I get to hang around in the UK for a week. Total cost for this is over 4,000 sterling - to replace 2 passports.

I have left endless messages with the British consulate in Bangkok to find out if they can add additional pages to my passport - they have yet to respond.

The passport helpline in the UK thinks the Bangkok consulate can add pages to my passport - but isn't sure of the details. They are sure pages cannot be added to my daughter's passport.

The idiots responsible for this shambles need to be held to account.

My passport took almost 9 weeks and then they ran my applacation a again to make it seem that they processit in less then 4 week. its all lies

Utter incompetence.

"problem has been the repatriation of the functions of offices abroad which handled passport applications "

For some reason very few of the articles on the subject mention that. 300,000 "unexpected" applications. The exact number that has been quoted elsewhere as being the number previously handled abroad.

The government is talking nonsense once again by advising passportless Brits to holiday at home. After all they can go to the Isle-of-Man and Ireland without needing a passport. The Isles of Scilly are another possibility. Only British and Irish people can go to Ireland without a passport.

Note that yachtsmen are now required to inform the UK Border Agency when they cross the twelve mile limit. Empirical results seem to indicate that the driving force behind the scheme is the cutting-off of people's Incapacity Benefit the moment that they cross the line. Take care!

I would suspect that for a few Baht you will be able to extend your Thai Visa for 30 or 90 days. Of course farangs often get charged extra. Allegedly a lot of people in Thailand have more than one passport as its an excellent way of getting around officialdom that doesn't work.

It has been said that one can always tell the quality of a country by its officialdom so IMHO this passport fiasco is bringing the British Government into disrepute.

Good luck!

I suspect that what is going on is similar to what happened with HGV MOT testing in the late 1970's. Allegedly as soon as a minor vehicle fault was discovered the test was aborted and the vehicle had to be taken away to be repaired then take its place in the queue for an appointment once again! The testers were working to rule in order to leverage a pay rise and it caused chaos.

In those days anything over 30 cwt, I think it was, could not be tested at the local garage. Instead it had to go to a Ministry Test Station operated by VOSA. A lot of businesses ended up having to buy new vans to beat the log-jam. It was a bad time with strikes occurring all over the place. Looks like those bad old days are returning.

I am an ex-pat living in New Zealand. This is the first I have heard about the delays - I stumbled across this article through Google. I would not have known otherwise - why aren't the delays mentioned on their website? I have been waiting 7.5 weeks so far for my passport renewal. I just better have it soon - or I will tell them to forget it and I will get a NZ passport!

I applied for my daughters first passport in May to travel mid July. I was getting worried with all the hype over delays and reading stories on the Internet. I chased at 5 weeks but hadn't made a note of the barcode. I was told someone would call me back after 48hrs. They called me back the same day and gave me the option to fast track. I made the request and was told someone would call back to confirm. They did the day after. I didn't need to fast track as it was already being processed and will be here within 4 days. There is hope that things are as bad as people are saying and everyone I spoke to at Durham passport office where great and called back when they said they would.

Reading this has given me hope. I too forgot to take a note of barcode when sending my daughters passport for a renewal. I have sent a couple of emails but have been told that without the barcode reference that they can not disclose any information to me. I will try again now I know that you got somewhere in the same circumstances. I know everything else they could possibly want to know and surely the databases of the passport offices could find the application with this other info.
I will never be so silly to not make a note of the number again, very unlike me and I have definitely paid the price with sleepless nights and blaming myself.
Hope your daughters passport has now arrived.

Had a text today to say that the passport is being printed and will arrive in a few days. 21 days from them receiving it, so all good! Just wish the news hadn't made me panic so much!

eMail I sent to the BBC today
I am in a similar situation to the people you interviewed but, living in Italy, I have no MP to assist me and I am in a foreign country without any valid travel document (I don't have dual nationality)! Knowing that I was going to travel to Indonesia in late July and that I needed 6 months of validity on my passport I decided to renew both mine and my daughter's. I filled in the online forms, payed and send all the papers by registered mail on 22/04/2014. After 3 weeks and daily status checks on HMPO site I called and was informed that my documents arrived on 05/05/2014 and they begun processing 2 days later. I was told that they were dealing with an enormous number of applications and that I had to call back on June 25. I did and to my frustration I was told there was no progress, I insisted so the person asked for my email and said that within 72 hours I was going to receive some detailed information. That time passed and I called again, the same questions asked and same promises, but no one has contacted me. I have asked if it was possible to be put on a fast track for a premium fee or even to call directly at Durham (although I did not realize in that moment that I cannot move from Italy as I do not have any valid document!), where my forms are stuck but both options appear to be impossible, they just want me to wait! The lady I spoke with during my last call was calm and didn't seem much interested, she simply said that if I do not receive passports in time I can apply for emergency travel documents at my closest Consulate! Besides the cost, which is very high for two such documents (for myself and my daughter), actually higher that the passport renewals, I will have to visit the Indonesian Consulate to be sure they will accept such document (no precise information on the subject on FCO sites that refers to Indonesian authorities) plus a day permit leave from my job, travel to Milan, etc.

I am really surprised and a bit disgusted by the loss of efficiency and the triumph of bureaucracy at the HMPO. In the past, I never had to wait more than two weeks to receive a new passport! Now, even if the fees are among the highest in the EU, the service has worsened, people who should assist you are polite but in the end offer no assistance (even if phone calls last at least twenty minutes each with the same questions asked over and over) and just make frustration grow. I would expect, at least, to exactly know at which stage the process is at any time and how long will it take to get what you paid for. And, if the HMPO has reorganized to achieve economic efficiency, they surely did, in the way of getting fees MONTHS before providing the service! In the past passport application forms had a space for a "travel date"; now instead they just tell you that they take no responsibility for travel booked before your passport arrives! What a disgrace, world moves and people have to catch the best deals for flights while HMPO times have more than trebled.

You have been reading too many red banner newspapers.. No amount of Thai Baht will get your visa extended. The commercial office in Bangkok which handles passport renewals are advising at least 8 weeks. Security? They don't even check you or the expiring passport against the documents you submit. It's a farce.

i actually sent my passort for renewal last tues 24th june and it had been processed and delievered this morning so in total took 8 days i think its all been blown out of proportion and people shouldnt have left it so long knowing they was going away on holiday!!

Did you renew your passports online or by the post office check and send service? I know it's been left to last minute but we completed the online renewal forms today and also sent the declaration form with all relevant contents. Just wondering as we shall be flying out on the 24th of August.

I am a Brit living in Manila, Philippines, and my application for my daughters 1st Passport has been in the system for over 4 months now.
I have made formal follow-ups 6 times now, and 3 times I got a reply that they would get back to me in 2 to 3 of todate I have yet to get a reply. When we did the application back in early March the Passport Web Page stated it will take upto 6 weeks to process, and only last Month they now stating 16 weeks or more.
For my 1st time Passport Application for my 2 other children we never had an issue for which documents were vetted by the Embassy in Manila before going to Hong Kong for processing. The set-up of centralizing the system in UK has really badly back-fired, and is affecting peoples livelihood, and also revenue to UK from tourism and Brits going home for the summer.
As part of the Passport Application for my daughter I had to submit my travel documents (with assumption back then it would only take 6 weeks to process). My business involves a lot of traveling within Asia, and my business is now being affected.
I am not an isolated case in Manila. I know of about 10 other people who are in the same boat.
I hope the Passport Office seriously reviews what has happened this year, and learns from its mistakes.

I have passports for my two children being processed. Six weeks so far. Attempts to get an update have resulted in e-mails that state only that the applications have been received, and that the standard time-frame for processing and delivery is four weeks.

We are residing in Armenia. I have three more weeks to get my children out of Armenia or they will be over-stayers. We confirmed with Armenian officials this morning that we will be able to get them out of the country if the passports are late (probably subject to a fine). However, they will not be allowed to return here for a year ... so we would be forced to relocate to another country.

Being overseas, there is no option for trying to get the applications fast-tracked.

I would love to meet Teresa May in person. Her new immigration policy in 2011 prevented our planned return to the UK (my wife is Armenian). My income is comfortably over the financial threshold, but because it is not earned in the form of salary, it is disregarded. It wasn't good enough for her to prevent me returning home; now she wants me to stop living in my adopted country as well. I'll leave you to work out where someone on an Armenian passport can move to in a hurry ...