Lily Allen ‘embarrassed’ by new documentary

Mar 9, 2011
Eliot Sefton

Singer-turned-fashion-designer takes to Twitter to slam media for twisting her words

Lily Allen has disowned a Channel 4 documentary charting the launch of her sister's vintage clothing shop, saying she is "embarrassed" and that quotes from the show were taken out of context by the press.

Allen's comments come a day after the media reported that in the documentary, to be aired by Channel 4 on March 15, she had admitted to suffering from bulimia and spoken out about how the miscarriage she suffered in November had changed her.

Writing on her Twitter account today, Allen said: "Some of you may have read about a TV show called 'Riches to Rags' (title not my idea) airing on Tuesday next week.

"We started filming it a year ago and I feel like a completely different person than the one that features in the programme. I'm inclined to ask you not to watch it cause quite frankly I am embarrassed.

"On the other hand I want you all to watch it so you can see how the press coverage of it has been totally sensationalised and quotes taken out of context.

"I should probably know better than to write this here, but I feel it's the only place that my words don't get minced."

If Allen thought the show was to be about her sister's new venture, it isn't surprising she is slightly miffed. Channel 4's synopsis makes it clear the documentary is all about Allen, and bills it as a "series charting the metamorphosis of Lily Allen from pop star to retailer as she and her sister Sarah launch their own fashion store."

But by using TV to publicise her shop, Lucy in Disguise, Allen has left herself open to charges of hypocrisy. The singer has struggled in the past with her fame and the way she and her views come across in the media.

In 2009 she joined big music's campaign against illegal file-sharing – a position that put her at odds with other musicians and her own fans. She was accused of being a hypocrite for saying file sharing was wrong when she openly admitted to handing out mix-tapes of other people's music for free when she was younger. The criticism she received led her to quit her blog and say she had given up computers.

Since then she has clearly drifted back to the internet, although it seems an unhealthy obsession for her. Last night she Tweeted: "Have just googled myself, am depressed. Going home and switching off broadband."

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