Is 'stressed out' Zayne Malik about to quit One Direction?

Feb 7, 2013

Rumours suggest 20-year old1D singer wants to leave band after tabloids said he ‘romped’ with waitress

ONE DIRECTION member Zayne Malik is "ready to quit the band", a move that would spell financial disaster for his bandmates, music industry sources said.

According to the US showbiz website Celebuzz, the 20-year-old from West Yorkshire is not coping with fame and was "rocked to his core" by recent allegations that he had "romped" with a 21-year-old Australian waitress behind the back of his girlfriend, Perrie Edwards from the band Little Mix.

It is unclear if Malik was rocked by the allegations themselves or the Daily Mail’s revelation that the "waitress" in question was in fact a "£500-an-hour" private dancer.

Anyway, Malik is stressed and he also hates being away from his family doing 1D promotional work with Harry Styles and Co, says Celebuzz. The Sun points out that Malik’s departure could do much more than rob the music world of one-fifth of the band that sang What Makes You Beautiful - it could trigger the collapse of the group.

That’s because One Direction’s new deal with Sony Music – a three-year, three-album agreement – has a clause in it that says the quintet has to stay together to get a "big pay day" after three years.

"If the band doesn’t stay together for the duration, they all pay the price – literally," the paper says.

Word of Malik’s departure sparked anguish in the Twittersphere as 1D fans implored him to stay in the band. The group’s management went into damage control, telling Digital Spy: "Zayn isn't leaving the band."

Let’s hope not, because the group is gearing up to release their Comic Relief single One Way Or Another, a cover of Blondie's 1979 hit that samples The Undertones' classic track Teenage Kicks. There’s also a world tour kicking off in London on 23 February and a concert movie and documentary to promote. No wonder Zayne feels in need of a lie down.

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