04 Mar, 2015

Nearly 120,000 people want buffer zones to protect women from 'harassment' outside abortion clinics

19 Sep, 2014

Online fundraising for an abortion caused crowdfunding website GoFundMe to step in

Sex selection abortions
11 Feb, 2014

Termination can 'really confuse' relationships with children, says counsellor at Crisis Pregnancy Centre

Sex selection abortions
05 Sep, 2013

CPS accused of putting doctors 'above the law' when it comes to sex-selection abortions

20 Sep, 2013

Pontiff reveals in forthright interview he has resisted requests to speak on abortion and gay rights

12 Jul, 2013

Irish MPs vote in favour of bill to allow termination if expectant mother's life is at risk

26 Jun, 2013

Texas senator wins international support after speaking for 11 hours in anti-abortion bill filibuster

Robert Fox
14 Mar, 2013

If he can't make the Catholic Church and its practices fit for our times, his papacy will be an irrelevance

18 Jan, 2013

Victim, branded with abuser's initials, told friends she had 'no choice' but to submit to abuse

Sex selection abortions
11 Jan, 2013

Figures suggest illegal abortions on gender grounds are happening in UK immigrant communities