Abu Qatada

Abu Qatada behind the bars in Amman, Jordan
24 Sep, 2014

Radical cleric acquitted of involvement in a 2000 bomb plot targeting Israeli and Western tourists

British Prime Minister David Cameron
17 Jul, 2014

David Cameron wants to curb the European Court of Human Rights but not everyone in his party backs the plan

Abu Qatada
26 Jun, 2014

After decade-long extradition battle, charges quashed in Jordan due to lack of sufficient evidence

Abu Qatada
10 Dec, 2013

Retrial in Jordan begins today following the £1.7m eight-year battle to deport radical cleric from UK

02 Oct, 2013

'Don't you dare lecture anyone on the NHS again,' he threatens Labour – before heaping praise on his team

08 Jul, 2013

SNP leader unfurls Saltire in royal box – but Murray called himself a British winner not a Scottish one

18 Jun, 2013

King of Jordan endorses 'fair trial' treaty paving way for May to issue a workable deportation order

Crispin Black
23 May, 2013

Jihadist propaganda and the vilest slurs against our armed forces have gone unchallenged for too long

13 May, 2013

Experts warn Islamist leaders on campus could cause students and graduates to 'embrace terror'

24 Apr, 2013

Home Secretary confirms government is also considering temporary withdrawal from ECHR