Abu Qatada asks to move house at taxpayer's expense

Nov 15, 2012

Radical cleric, newly released from prison, is not happy in his £400,000 house in Wembley

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RADICAL cleric Abu Qatada has asked to be relocated at the taxpayer's expense, according to his lawyers. Qatada was released from Long Lartin prison in Worcestershire this week on bail after a court ruled he should not be deported to his native Jordan because he could not be guaranteed a fair trial there on terrorism charges.
Qatada, who lives in a £400,000 house in Wembley, northwest London, is said to be paying £1,900 per month in rent – funded through benefits, The Daily Telegraph reports. He was only moved to the house in February this year when he was briefly freed on bail after an earlier court ruling.

It is unclear why Qatada wants to move house, but it has been suggested it might be because he wants more space for his wife and five children. More likely, he has complained about the constant media presence in the street outside.

Around 60 officers from Scotland Yard, MI5 and a private security company are involved in a £100,000-a-week surveillance operation surrounding Qatada, who is allowed to leave his home for eight hours a day, between 8am and 4pm. Police cars are parked outside his house and undercover officers are ready to follow him if he goes outside.

Qatada has also been fitted with a GPS tag, which means his movements will be monitored by a satellite.

If the views of neighbours quoted in the Daily Star today reflect the general feeling in Qatada's street, the radical cleric will not be missed.
A 55-year-old resident called Jim is upset at the cost of looking after Qatada. "I don't see why we should have to subsidise him," he said. "People in this street have had their benefits cut. He doesn't deserve benefits. I wish he would live somewhere else."

Ex-soldier Aaron Baker, 31, said he was "disgusted and scared" Qatada was so close, adding: "Nobody would want somebody like that, with his links, in their area. He does not belong here."

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Ship him out to join his comrades in Hamas

Get that terrorist out of the UK

Why doesn't the Government stop spendinding £100,000 a week on someone who hasn't been charged with any offence in this country? What a paranoid waste of money!

I've heard there's some cheap rental properties in Jordan! This insult to God, humanity and Islam really is taking the p*ss out of us. Why is he on benefits? More to the point How? He can bl**dy work, in fact he does. He preaches so let his congregation pay his wages.

Whats worrying is all his kids. They are going to grow up filled with hate. I hope his family leave as well. I don't want any of them left behind.

The legacy left by Blair and his wife have turned Britain into the laughing stock of the world. Great Britain should now be called Dung Britain. Why not assist the Jordon secret service to spirit him, and not forgetting his family, away. All the MP's are doing is giving people an excuse to vote for right wing parties. Maybe that's what MP's need a shock that they will loose them their places in the perks trough.

"I don't see why we should have to subsidise him," he said. "People in this street have had their benefits cut. He doesn't deserve benefits.

Grossly unfair that people on benefits have to subsidise him:-)

..anyone know where to buy cheap used rifle ? yes, can be with telescope and I will pickig up list with names on No.10 every week or so and do the job. Would that help? Ah, many secret officers will become redundan soon. Understand, forget about that. What about Hyde Park or Knightsbridge here for mr Qatacharade so we will pay more taxes than we earn like with the mortgages, hey we can give you 110% of the value of your property. INSANITY and CHARADE thats whats going on here!