Bob Geldof slams reporter who 'lectured' him on tax morals

May 16, 2012

Fund-raiser suggests his 'time' is a tax payment and asks hack how many irrigation ditches her salary has dug

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BOB GELDOF lashed out at a reporter this week after he was asked about his tax arrangements, bizarrely demanding to know how many irrigation ditches her salary had built.

Geldof, who was in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa for the World Economic Forum, was interviewed by Times journalist Lucy Bannerman. Their encounter appeared to go very well at first, with Geldof talking about the huge changes that have taken place in Africa since Live Aid in 1985.
"That sprog who I asked people to help keep alive in 1984 is now a skilled 28-year-old woman with a degree," Geldof said. "So now, I'm asking people to invest in her."
Also in the Ethiopian capital were Kofi Annan, Gordon Brown, Africa's richest man Aliko Dangote and Nigerian leader Goodluck Jonathan.
Attendees had been told that Africa is changing and changing fast. From 2005 to 2009, Ethiopia recorded higher growth than China, and Uganda outperformed India. Last year, Ghana had the highest growth in the world.
Geldof had been enthusiastically talking about boom towns in Africa and the massive changes he had seen since his first visits in the early 1980s.
Then Bannerman asked him about his tax status. After confirming that he is a non-dom and can legally avoid income and capital gains tax on international earnings, Geldof laughed off the Sunday Times Rich List estimate of his worth (£32 million).
When pressed on how much tax he actually paid – the justification for the question being because his big idea, aid, can come from taxes - Geldof exploded.
"I pay all my taxes," he shouted. "My time? Is that not a tax? I employ 500 people. I have created business for the UK government. I have given my ideas. I have given half my life to this."
In a bizarre, heated exchange Geldof jabbed his finger repeatedly at Bannerman and demanded to know how many irrigation ditches she had built with her salary.
The tirade ended with Geldof yelling: "How dare you lecture me about morals", before being led away by his entourage.

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Hmm... tax seems to be a veeery touchy subject for Mr Geldorf!

It is a common trait with celebs: lecture the public about how to give money away whilst actually doing very little themselves. Richard Branson and Bono are always doing this.

Geldof needs to show respect to what other people think. I met this detestable man once, and he was foul and arrogant. If he is willing to spend our taxes, maybe he should pay his first.

That's typical of the arrogance of the rich.  They think they are above the rules that bind the rest of us and think that just because they do their glory seeking charity work they are somehow better than the rest of us.  We should all boycott Geldof's products.  Hang on a minute, what does he actually do these days??

'I have created business for the UK government.' WTF.

Wake up people, this vacuous  parasitic socialist   is rubbing  everyones noses in it, telling you how he has made big  government even bigger at our expense. 

 Depends on who the rich are.
 Are you going to become  arrogant & detestable in the morning if you become rich?Funny how all these arrogant people are rich  socialists. 

Thats a  good  question, of certain people   not only  Geldof but  all who "made it"  according to their  "own" efforts , talents, merit ,.  Its  a  big  joke . 

 Does Geldof ever stop to consider that the reason that many people are poor is because some people, like him, insist on getting as rich as possible?
I suppose not.

Can't we just give him a swear box to raise a couple of mills?

Well done Ms Bannerman.  If we could all choose to put up our "time" instead of fairly paying our taxes, we would all opt to do so!  Bob Geldof is rather stupid to attempt to brush off a very real problem. His attitude to his personal affairs just goes to show how self-serving his attitude to aid is. It has never been about "aid", it has always been about fame. His limited understanding of how inconsistent his approach is shows up his immorality. I hope this leads to wider press coverage on what this issue. What else can we expect from a person like him. Well done!! Seth.

 Yeah he spends half his life with this, because it makes him money. he gets handsomely paid to give lectures on 'poverty'. Paid from funds collected to aid the poor.

Those 500 people he 'employs'  get all paid from aid funds.

BBC reported current Ethiopian rulers diverted aid money to purchase arms in the mid-1980s and Geldof was furious with the reporter to a point of making threats he and the head of broadcast will be fired. The reporter did have evidence; Geldof only guts and temper. What's interesting is that the reporter and his wife were actually on location at the period and the information was further validated by the head treasurer of the insurgency group. It is a fact that Geldof and others did have a hand in raising funds. We should also not forget Geldof made a bunch of money for himself. And to exchange his time traveling for his taxes due the British government. I think the journalist's question was legitimate and Geldof's part should have been to respond accordingly, not wave his fingers or raise his voice! May be other journalists should come along and pose the same question. And do it again and again until he learns to respond respectfully. I don't believe Geldof is incapable of learning.

His reaction proved his guilt. People need to research this man. very interesting and makes sense of everything.