Mbeki: Blair asked me to help overthrow Mugabe

One-Minute Read Thu 28 Nov, AT 13:22

Thabo Mbeki attacks UK’s 'interventionist' foreign policy in Africa and Middle East

Nairobi military at Westgate mall

Nairobi Westgate attack: four charged over mall massacre

One-Minute Read Mon 4 Nov, AT 16:03

First charges brought in relation to the four-day Kenyan shopping centre siege that left 67 dead

Mozambique Q&A: why have ex-rebels ended peace deal?

Briefing Wed 23 Oct, AT 10:25

Mozambique faces uncertainty as two decades of peace ends with fresh attacks from both sides

Hassan Abdi Dhuhulow: who is Norwegian Westgate suspect?

Briefing Fri 18 Oct, AT 10:14

Family of Norwegian man suspected of Nairobi mall attack say he must have been 'brainwashed'

Navy Seals training exercise

US raids in Somalia and Libya raise questions over Africa ops

One-Minute Read Mon 7 Oct, AT 09:59

Commandos pluck al-Qaeda suspect out of Tripoli, but Seal Team Six raid on al-Shabaab beaten back

Gambia withdraws from the Commonwealth

One-Minute Read Thu 3 Oct, AT 16:12

President Yahya Jammeh said Gambia no longer wished to be part of a "neo-colonial institution"

Nairobi attack: horror tales emerge as siege ends

Summary Tue 24 Sep, AT 11:50

Witnesses reveal terrible scenes of dead children, sexual abuse at gunpoint, and mutilated bodies

Nairobi Westgate attack: what do we know so far?

Briefing Mon 23 Sep, AT 16:15

Britons among the victims killed in the attack on Kenyan shopping centre by al-Shabaab militants

Zimbabwe election a 'farce' says Tsvangirai as tensions rise

First Reaction Thu 1 Aug, AT 16:37

Robert Mugabe's supporters claim victory for Zanu-PF but observers express concerns over vote rigging