Libya's 'second revolution' in danger as militias fight back

First Reaction Mon 24 Sep, AT 14:27

Attempts to crack down on Islamist militias in Libya could backfire

People power drives Islamist militias out of Libyan towns

First Post Sun 23 Sep, AT 13:38

Libyan interim leader demands the break up of all militias not under the control of the government

Julius Malema

Julius Malema inflames South African mine dispute

Talking Point Thu 6 Sep, AT 16:04

Former ANC youth leader accused of using deaths to resurrect his political career

South African miners charged under Apartheid-era law

Talking Point Fri 31 Aug, AT 12:37

Use of obscure law to charge Marikana miners with murder of 34 colleagues is 'shameful', says expert

Power vacuum as Ethiopia's Meles Zenawi dies at 57

One-Minute Read Tue 21 Aug, AT 16:19

Instability feared in Horn of Africa after death of PM who held power for 21 years

Ebola outbreak in Uganda: is it likely to spread?

Briefing Mon 30 Jul, AT 13:18

WHO takes action after 14 people die in western Uganda, and there are fears Ebola has spread to the capital

Tunisian Salafis riot over  insect artwork that spells 'Allah'

Tunisian Salafis riot over insect artwork that spells 'Allah'

One-Minute Read Thu 14 Jun, AT 13:42

Spring of Arts exhibition prompts violent protests from Islamists

Stelios EasyJet

Sir Stelios's Fastjet to bring low-cost flights to Africa

One-Minute Read Wed 13 Jun, AT 16:17

EasyJet breathes a sigh of relief as former chairman leaves European market to bring budget airline to Africa

Charles Taylor given 50 years in British jail for war crimes

One-Minute Read Wed 30 May, AT 13:13

Ex-Liberian president is convicted by the International Criminal Court of offences including murder and rape

Robert Mugabe

Is Robert Mugabe really the UN ambassador for tourism?

Media Watch Wed 30 May, AT 08:50

Outraged headlines galore - but president of Zimbabwe does not, actually, have a UN role