Abid Naseer
05 Mar, 2015

Man who planned to bring 'carnage' to the Arndale Centre was arrested in UK but later released

Armed policeman
09 Jan, 2015

Days after Charlie Hebdo attack, MI5 chief gives stark assessment of terrorism threat in the UK

09 Dec, 2014

Report due to expose sexual threats and other brutal techniques used against terror suspects

Columnist Robert Fox
17 Nov, 2014

More rudimentary filming suggests Islamic State is on the run: if anything, the movement is spreading

Ayman al-Zawahiri
05 Sep, 2014

Security is increased across India as al-Qaeda tries to regain attention from Islamic State

Robert Fox
22 Aug, 2014

And why the PM must accept that destroying the Sunni fanatics will necessitate 'boots on the ground'

Syrian rebels take cover behind a barricade in Aleppo
14 Aug, 2014

Islamic State militants and Assad's forces encircle Aleppo in what could be tipping point of civil war

Yazidi women take shelter at a school in the Kurdish city of Dohuk
08 Aug, 2014

One of Iraq's oldest and most persecuted religious minorities, the Yazidi faces yet another genocide

Shackles hang at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba
04 Aug, 2014

White House said those responsible were 'real patriots', as human rights groups call for 'legal consequences'

Militants brandish their weapons in Iraq
17 Jul, 2014

As jihadist warns of 'black flag of Islam over Downing St', a Q&A on the risks for the West