07 Aug, 2013

The poverty-stricken Arab state is strategically important but is a hotbed of radicalism

06 Aug, 2013

International terror group takes aim at Lilywhites as Real Madrid close in on Welsh winger

A car is searched outside the US embassy in Yemen
06 Aug, 2013

What Zawahiri and his 'general manager' said to each other suggested one of biggest terror plots since 9/11

Crispin Black
20 Jun, 2013

If we've decided to 'cut and run' by holding talks with Afghan insurgents, why not just cut and run now?

30 May, 2013

Described as a 'bleeding wound' by his terrorist bosses, North African maverick failed to meet any of his KPIs

30 May, 2013

Lawyer claims British diplomats vouched for Michael Adebolajo as 'accomplice' Michael Adebowale charged with murder

29 May, 2013

Days after Obama promises to curtail drone strikes, unmanned aircraft kill four militants

29 May, 2013

Is there a link between knifing of soldier in Paris and brutal murder of Lee Rigby in Woolwich?

Michael Adebolajo
23 May, 2013

MI5 will be quizzed in Parliament about what they knew about Michael Adebolajo, a recent Muslim convert, and his co-attacker

Robert Fox
09 May, 2013

Assad's forces remain the most effective military formations in Syria and that's not about to change