British 'master bomb maker' Irfan Naseer jailed for life

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Fri 26 Apr, AT 15:00

Judge tells 31-year-old jihadist he won't be set free until he abandons terrorist 'ideals'

May hopes Jordan treaty will 'allow' UK to deport Abu Qatada

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Wed 24 Apr, AT 13:24

Home Secretary confirms government is also considering temporary withdrawal from ECHR

Canada foils al-Qaeda-backed plan to derail passenger train

Tue 23 Apr, AT 10:31

Iran linked to plot to 'kill and hurt people' by derailing Toronto train

Bashar al-Assad

Syria: some truth in Assad's claim of rebel link to al-Qaeda

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Thu 18 Apr, AT 13:18

Experts say some fighters are jihadists, but Syrian opposition says numbers are greatly 'exaggerated'

Boston: whoever did it knows how Taliban make their bombs

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Wed 17 Apr, AT 07:24

It doesn't necessarily mean the FBI are hunting a foreigner - signs still point to 'domestic terrorism'

Boston Marathon bombing: is 'domestic terrorism' to blame?

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Tue 16 Apr, AT 07:34

Patriots' Day bombs leave three dead: setting and timing could point to right-wing causes

'Historic truce' as PKK leader calls for peace from Turkish jail

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Thu 21 Mar, AT 16:07

Abdullah Ocalan tells his Kurdish rebels to lay down their weapons and withdraw across the border to Iraq

George Bush; Tony Blair

Ten years after Iraq: 'illusion of consensus' that sent us to war

Tue 19 Mar, AT 13:35
Robert Fox

How did we fall for it? Why were the sceptics ignored? And is it about to happen all over again in Syria?

John Brennan's Senate hearing: what we learned about CIA man

Fri 8 Feb, AT 15:25

The man likely to become new CIA chief defends drone strikes, but says he's opposed to torture

Revealed: CIA has secret drone base in Saudi Arabia

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Wed 6 Feb, AT 14:52

US newspaper ends 'self-censorship' to expose drone base CIA uses to kill al-Qaeda militants