29 Jan, 2013

The UK is sending 330 military personnel to Mali to aid France's battle against jihadist militants. Why?

Crispin Black
25 Jan, 2013

Or did he only just come up with the idea in order to cover his tracks over Libya?

24 Jan, 2013

For right-wingers enraged by Obama's inaugural address, attacking Hillary Clinton was irresistible

22 Jan, 2013

It had better be short and sweet and not another Afghanistan says military source as new cuts begin

21 Jan, 2013

Prime Minister Sellal says one ringleader was Canadian but security source claims two

18 Jan, 2013

Algeria's zero-tolerance policy towards insurgents led to troops going in 'with all guns blazing'

17 Jan, 2013

Six questions answered about the hostage crisis and the al-Qaeda-linked Islamists behind the siege

16 Jan, 2013

One group of Mali rebels is said to be responsible for killing US Ambassador Stevens in Benghazi

04 Jan, 2013

Saudi Arabia said to have secretly joined America's 'undeclared aerial war' against terrorists in Yemen

Jessica Chastain in Zero Dark Thirty
14 Dec, 2012

Kathryn Bigelow's acclaimed film about the killing of Bin Laden is accused of legitimising torture