04 Dec, 2012

Kathryn Bigelow's Osama Bin Laden drama is on track for Oscar nominations after New York haul

20 Nov, 2012

Examination of the use of armed drones could help lift lid on 'America's secret war'

Robert Fox
09 Nov, 2012

Remember Afghanistan – 30 years after the US armed the Mujahideen, we're still fighting Taliban

08 Nov, 2012

Cameron wants to push the limits of EU embargo and persuade Obama to raise the heat on Assad

23 Oct, 2012

Group linked to al-Qaeda makes series of threats on Twitter – but is on the retreat in Somalia

23 Oct, 2012

Republican was too defensive for many, as polls suggest Obama won final debate – but do voters care about foreign policy?

18 Oct, 2012

Bangladeshi man arrested after trying to blow up New York bank with fake bomb supplied by FBI

10 Oct, 2012

Terror arrests reflect a new mood of apprehension over the fallout from the Arab Spring

21 Aug, 2012

Investigative journalist Richard Miniter says killing of Osama was pushed through by Hillary Clinton