Amanda Knox book reveals she is 'proud' of one-night stands

Apr 29, 2013

American's memoir discusses her sexual history and a letter she wrote to Meredith Kercher's parents

AMANDA KNOX, the American woman convicted of murdering Meredith Kercher, wrote a letter to the British student's parents insisting "I'm not the one who killed your daughter".

But Knox, who was sentenced to 26 years in prison for the 2007 murder, says she did not send the letter after lawyers advised her it might harm her legal defence, The Sun reports.

In her controversial autobiography, Waiting to be Heard, which is published tomorrow, Knox says she also "composed" a written apology to Patrick Luamba, the Congolese barman she falsely accused of 21-year-old Kercher's murder. The letter to Luamba was also ditched after advice from lawyers.

Knox admits in her book that "Sometimes … I wish I'd done things differently. Number one, I would have written to the Kerchers. I wanted to tell them how much I liked their daughter. How lovingly she spoke of her family. Tell them her death was a heartbreak to so many."

Knox returned to the US in October 2011 after she and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito, 29, were cleared over the killing on appeal because forensic scientists were said to have made errors. Their acquittal was overturned by an Italian court last month and the pair now face a retrial over the killing of Kercher in Perugia.

An interview Knox gave to ABC News's Diane Sawyer will be aired in the US tomorrow to coincide with the publication of Waiting to be Heard. Knox was reportedly paid £2.5million by HarperCollins for the book, which will be available in the US, Canada and Australia. It will not be sold in the UK, reportedly because of  "libel fears" surrounding the retrial and separate defamation cases in Italy against Knox and her parents, the Daily Mail reports.

The paper says the book reveals that Knox is "proud" of her marijuana use and a string of one-night stands she had in Italy prior to Kercher's death. It "recalls a life of drug use and casual sex as she travelled around Italy en route to Perugia."

Knox's autobiography also recalls how she met Sollecito – who was jailed for 25 years for his part in Kercher's murder - at a classical music concert in Perugia. Knox says she found the Italian "nerdy and adorable" and recalled how, before they had sex for the first time, she told him that making faces made her laugh.

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Good to see, at this late date, the working press is still hot on doing a hatchet job.
If at once you end up with egg on your face, why not try for a second helping

Sorry, but I think the girl's a psychopath who is now seeking to make millions out of another family's bereavement.

You people are so lucky to have someone who reads your books for you instead of letting you read them for yourselves. I mean, that's the best way of getting at the truth isn't it?