Amanda Knox's ex denies 'social network for the dead' is morbid

Feb 15, 2016

Raffaele Sollecito unveils site where families can order graveside services and remember their loved ones

Raffaele Sollecito, who was finally cleared last year of murdering British student Meredith Kercher, is launching a social network for the dead and denied claims it was morbid.

Memories website, which was unveiled in the city of San Remo last week, allows members to create profile pages for their deceased loved ones with photos and videos.

They will also be able to order "graveside services" as part of a bespoke e-commerce portal, which includes paying people to clean tombstones, lay flowers or light a candle for the dead.

"We hope we will also be able to offer a personalised urn service, too, which will let people order special urns made by local artists," says Sollecito, who was dating Amanda Knox when Kercher died.

The Italian (pictured above), who is seeking more than €500,000 (£386,000) from the Italian state in compensation for wrongful imprisonment, was apparently awarded a €66,000 (£51,000) grant for his project from regional authorities.

Asked by the English-language Italian newspaper the Local if he thought the idea was a "little morbid", Sollecito said it was innovative.

"There's no other service like this at the moment," he said. "I think it's a really sweet idea and a good way to remember the dead."

The database is currently designed for graves in Italy but can be used by mourners across the world.

"It's already international in the way that, for example, someone living in Canada or Tokyo can use the service to commemorate someone buried in Italy," he said. "We hope to keep growing and one day offer the service on graves outside Italy, too."

He apparently came up with the idea back in 2005, when his mother died, but was unable to begin working on the site until October 2014 because of the ongoing Kercher case. He and Knox spent nearly four years in prison for the British student's murder before being cleared by Italy's highest court last March.

Amanda Knox investigation slammed for 'stunning failures'

08 September

Italy's top criminal court has issued a scathing attack on the murder case against Amanda Knox and her co-defendant Raffaele Sollecito.

The prosecution was accused of "stunning failures" in its investigation into the murder of British university student Meredith Kercher, who was stabbed to death in the house she shared with Knox in the Italian town of Perugia in 2007.

Knox and Sollecito were convicted of Kercher's murder in 2009 and each served a total of four years in prison before they were released on appeal in 2011. They were then retried and found guilty, although by then Knox had returned home to the United States.

But, in March, Italy's highest criminal court, the Court of Cassation, definitively cleared them both of murder and this week released a 52-page document outlining a formal explanation for the verdict.

The court said there were "blameworthy omissions in the investigation", including "a complete lack of biological traces" connecting Knox or Sollecito to the victim's body or the room where the murder took place.

It also blamed the high level of media interest for putting pressure on investigators, reports the Seattle Times. "The international spotlight on the case in fact resulted in the investigation undergoing a sudden acceleration, that, in the frantic search for one or more guilty parties to consign to international public opinion, certainly didn't help the search for substantial truth," wrote the panel of five judges.

They added that the lower court ignored expert testimony that "clearly demonstrated possible contamination" of evidence.

In a statement, Knox said she was "deeply grateful" that the court had filed its opinion and "forcefully" declared her innocence. Her defence lawyer Carlo Dalla Vedova also described the explanation document as a "note of solemn censure of all the investigators".

Rudy Hermann Guede, from the Ivory Coast, is serving 16 years in prison for Kercher's murder. The judges said there were indications that he had not acted alone, but that the prosecutors were unable to prove that Knox or Sollecito were involved.

Amanda Knox not guilty of Meredith Kercher's murder

27 March

Italy's high court has overturned the guilty verdicts of Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, acquitting them of the murder of Meredith Kercher and bringing an end to an eight-year legal saga.

The landmark decision by a panel of five Court of Cassation judges in Rome brings to an end the series of trials that have unfurled over more than seven years from the cold day in November 2007 when the 21-year-old Leeds University exchange student's battered body was found in the flat she shared with Knox in the Umbrian hilltop city of Perugia.

Ivory Coast national Rudy Guede is serving a 16-year sentence for her murder. He remains the only person convicted for the crime, though the high court has ruled that he did not act alone.

The divisive rollercoaster case has left many families in tatters, first and foremost in the UK, where Kercher's extended family resides, but also in Italy and the US, where Sollecito and Knox's intense attempts to prove their innocence over the years has drained both families emotionally and financially.

"This court showed courage to not just order another appeal and pass the case along, but rule that they are fully innocent," Sollecito's lawyer Giulia Bongiorno said.

Francesco Maresca, the lawyer for the Kercher family, said he the ruling was "drastic and definitive".

"I have no words," he said.

Sollecito's family erupted in shouts of joy as the ruling was announced and his lawyer, Giulia Bongiorno, jumped into the arms of Knox's lawyer, Carlo Dalla Vedova, when he confirmed to her that the court had fully acquitted them both. 

"It could not have gone any better for us," Dalla Vedova said. "They agreed on every count."

Patrick Lumumba said he felt very sorry for Kercher, and her family. "I believe this was a judicial error," he said.

Amanda Knox's Washington DC lawyer Robert Barnett released a statement from Amanda Knox. "I am tremendously relieved and grateful for the decision of the Supreme Court of Italy," it read. "The knowledge of my innocence has given me strength in the darkest times of this ordeal."

Her family also released a statement, saying they were thrilled by the decision and thanking all those who had supported her over the years.


Is Amanda Knox guilty? Italian court to make key ruling

26 March

Amanda Knox's judicial "roller coaster ride" could finally come to an end tomorrow if Italy's highest court definitively ratifies her murder conviction.

But her defence was dealt a blow on the eve of the ruling when Raffaele Sollecito, her former boyfriend, changed his story and withdrew his support for her alibi on Tuesday evening.

The final hearing began yesterday in the court of cassation in Rome. Its verdict will be final, and no further appeal will be possible.

"Although observers in the case initially believed a verdict could be announced as early as Wednesday evening," The Guardian reports, "the presiding judge in the case, Gennaro Marasca, said the hearing would continue at 9am on Friday." 

The 27-year-old American and Sollecito, who turns 31 on Thursday, currently stand convicted of murdering British student Meredith Kercher in Perugia, Italy, on 1 November 2007.

Sollecito had previously said that he was with Knox when the killing occurred, but court documents show that he is now distancing himself from her version of events.

"In a dramatic change in legal strategy, Sollecito has cast serious doubt on Foxy Knoxy's alibi," the Daily Mail reports, "with the Italian now saying he can't be sure she was at his house for the whole of the night on which the British student was brutally murdered."

Eight years after Kercher was brutally stabbed to death, only one person, Rudy Guede, is currently serving time in prison for the murder.

So, why has the process taken so long and will Knox return to prison?

Is Amanda Knox guilty?

Knox and Sollecito were found guilty of Kercher's murder in 2009, but were subsequently acquitted on appeal in 2011, after which Knox returned home to the United States. Then in 2013, those acquittals were thrown out by Italy's highest court due to "grave mistakes". The original murder convictions were upheld by a second appellate court last year. Knox was sentenced to 28 and a half years in prison and Sollecito was sentenced to 25 years.

But there are many people, particularly in the US, who see this as a miscarriage of justice. Newsweek's Nina Burleigh, who has written a book about the case, claims that every item of circumstantial evidence against Knox can be "explained by the predictable confusion of a naïf in a country whose laws and social mores she didn't understand, being grilled by cops in a language she spoke poorly". Guede's fingerprints and DNA were found in the room and his DNA in Kercher's body, says Burleigh, but "no scientifically credible physical evidence puts Knox or her boyfriend in the murder room".

Former Perugia appellate Judge Pratillo Hellmann, who overturned the convictions in 2011, has since described the investigation as "scarily amateurish" and blamed bias and self-protection among the fraternity of magistrates for the reinstated convictions. Even a juror who served on a panel that reinstated Knox's conviction last year has told Italy's Oggi magazine that there was "questionable proof, flimsy evidence and bizarre testimony".

Why is Amanda Knox not in prison?

Knox and Sollecito spent four years in prison before they were released, but there are still more rulings to be made before they potentially return. On Wednesday, Italy's highest court – Corte Suprema di Cassazione – will decide whether to order a third appellate trial for the pair, or whether to uphold their convictions and finally close the case. If the convictions are upheld, Sollecito, who is in Italy, would likely be arrested to begin his prison sentence, while Knox, who is in the US with no plans to voluntarily return to Italy, could face a lengthy extradition process.

Will Amanda Knox be extradited?

The US State Department is yet to comment on whether it would send Knox back to Italy, but legal commentators suggest any extradition would take a long time, if it was enforced at all. The Daily Beast's Barbie Latza Nadeau, who has also written a book on the case, says it is possible that Italy's justice minister could refuse prosecutors' requests for extradition, with political factors coming into play. Knox's own legal team could also force a lengthy case against her extradition. The timing of Italy's request could be impacted by the upcoming American election, she says, while other issues, such as a pregnancy, could also cause delays.


Amanda Knox engaged to prison penpal as appeal looms

12 February

Amanda Knox is due to marry a school friend who wrote to her while she was in prison in Italy for the murder of British student Meredith Kercher.

The 27-year-old had her murder conviction reinstated last year but has refused to voluntarily return to Italy to appeal the verdict in person.

Jonathan Martin, a columnist for the Seattle Times, has revealed that she is now engaged to Colin Sutherland, a "lanky rock musician" whom she has known since middle school and who recently moved to Seattle from New York. No date has been set for the wedding, according to a source close to the family.

"Her husband-to-be wrote her while she was in prison, and now he has signed up to be stalked by paparazzi, British tabloids and internet trolls. It must be love," says Martin.

Knox and her ex-boyfriend Raffaele Sollecito spent four years in prison for the 2007 murder of her flatmate Kercher before they were acquitted in 2011. But an Italian court upheld the original murder conviction following a trial last year. Italy's Court of Cassation, the country's highest court, will hear their appeal on 25 March.

Martin says Knox's case has "pinballed through the Italian judicial system in ways that baffles many Americans" and he suggests she "might be America's most famous wrongfully convicted person".

Kercher was found stabbed to death in her bedroom at the house she shared with Knox in the Italian town of Perugia in November 2007. Only one person, Rudy Guede, is currently serving time in prison for her murder.

Barbie Latza Nadeau, a Rome-based Daily Beast journalist who has written a book about Knox, says marriage will make little difference to her extradition rights.

"Italy and the US have a valid and tested extradition treaty, in which marital status has no role," she says. "If she were to be pregnant, however, that could make a difference, though no baby is known to be on the way."


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The Brits and their tabloids owe an apology to Knox for smearing her and celebrating her wrongful conviction.

They should pay her legal fees, those bloodsuckers.

British Tabloids are a closer reflection of their society than the myth of the polite and compliant Englishman.

Blaming someone else for your wrongs is a key part of English culture - Until very recently, the Princes even had "Whipping Boys" who were blamed and punished for any rule breaking by the young prince. Also, in Cricket - the most English of games - the rules (called Laws) state that you can't interfere with the other teams play however, interference is allowed as long as you don't get caught.

There's a reason GI's came home after WW2 talking of two-faced brits...

Would that be the same British tabloids to whom Knox has just sold her latest blood money claims? She is a convicted criminal who has chosen to offer her 'defense' to anybody who can pay the most, instead of to a court of law. She is an extremely sinister figure, one who has employed a very expensive PR agency to fool the gullible and the ill-educated. Thankfully, Italy's criminal justice system is more than a match for her lies, and her murder convicted is likely to be confirmed by December.

Amanda Knox was convicted of slander and she remains provisionally convicted of sexual assault and murder.

Correct for the most part, only it should read White "Culture", as it's not just the English.

White People EVERYWHERE, blame EVERYONE else for their problems: the Jews, the "Blacks", the Mexicans, the Muslims, the boers in SA blaming Africans for them having a hard time in Africa, WTF??? Hell they'll even blame each other too, the west europeans blame the east, the east Europeans blame the Russian lol.

What a laughable pretence of knowledge of the English! You really should keep your big gob shut, Mr Armchair Pundit, for all you are currently doing is embarrassing yourself.

The way the Knox clan has behaved throughout has been disgusting. They epitomise the American approach that winning by any underhand means available is acceptable. If your knowledge of your own history was not under-par you would appreciate the fact that the NSA, the FBI and the CIA are prime examples of the most foul, evil and rotten practices possible.

Perhaps the lying GI's you refer to are the very same GI's who RAPED MILLIONS OF WOMEN ACROSS CONTINENTAL EUROPE!!!!!! These same rapists then FALSELY accused black American men for these crimes and they were HUNG. What a shameful scum bag you are with your lies.

Knox is guilty. She is going to prison for life. Buy some Kleenex in preparation, after all, it is not attractive to have snot all over your face.

Lie Detector tests are useless and easy to cheat.

And they want to test a Psychopath?

Of course she wants to take a Lie Detector test...

To dupe the dumb people who think they actually work...

Lie Detector tests are useless and easy to cheat.

And they want to test a Psychopath?

Of course she wants to take a Lie Detector test...

To dupe the dumb people who think they actually work...

Lie Detector tests are INADMISSIBLE IN COURT.

Lie Detector tests are useless and easy to cheat.

Of course she wants to take a Lie Detector test...

You can't test if a Psychopaths is lying or not.

She wants to dupe the stupid people who think Lie Detector tests actually work.

Lie Detector tests are INADMISSIBLE IN COURT.

Interesting you attack the British Press. Just last night I was having a debate on CNN website in which I was critical of America, I was almost immediately banned from the site and my post deleted. Whatever happened to the 1st Amendment. I am confident the British Press will allow my debate so whilst it is not on the topic of Amanda Knox here is what the land of the free would not all me to say:

Cumedgeon, my Cherokee friend who speaks of First Amendment Rights.

Why pray tell me do you use a pseudonym? Noun: A bad-tempered or surly person, is it possibly because it more accurately portrays your character than the Cherokee name given by your father?

I see you are a gun lover and NRA defender; I’d be curious to know what your explanation to the parents of Yoshihiro Hattori might be?

As a Cherokee I would have thought you would be in favour of community support? Community support is a form of socialism. How do you
recognize that with America’s wars against socialism, which by the way, Islam is a form of religious socialism with ideals not so dissimilar from Cherokee.

How can America lay claim to be the great defender of the free when it funds wars against just about every socialist regime; peanut farmer Jimmy Carter funded ‘freedom fighters’ to fight against the pro poor pro agriculture government of Afghanistan.
Regan picked up where he Carter left off by arming and financing Saddam Hussein to go to war against Iran, and despite a US Congress Ban on supplying Arms to Iran, well the CIA and Oliver North sold them weapons anyway and used the cash to fund rebels to fight against the socialist government of Nicaragua. What gives America the right to blockade Cuba, a county which despite the illegal embargo has a better healthcare system than “the land of the free”.

Do you feel no shame of the millions of dead children in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan, caused by American sanctions? Yet you complain when the survivors using the crudest weapons, their own bodies with suicide vests, or fertilizer bombs,
against forces with F16, Wart Hog, Harrier and Tornado Jets, Hell Fire Missiles, Pilot-less Drones, Apache Helicopter’s, Kevlar Armour, Cruise
Missiles, Five Battle Fleets. And you think the guy prepared to die because his family have been wiped out is terrorizing the guys with all the weapons?

What about Napalm against children in Vietnam, 500LB daisy cutters dropped on Cambodian villagers. In none of the countries attacked by
America are people evicted from their homes. Whether you realize it or not, you espouse pro capitalist views, are these the views of your father, his father, going back through the generations or are you merely a brainwashed bad-tempered
or surly person as your pseudonym suggests?

Your anger at America makes you unobjective in this case. None of the sins in American history have anything to do with Knox. There is not one trace of her DNA in the murder room. You could not participate in a rape and stabbing and not leave a trace of yourself behind. It may pain you, but the white American happens to be innocent in this case.

I actually arrived at this story from another place on the web which was carrying an advert for "This Week" with a picture making Amanda Knox look like she is mentally disturbed and underneath the picture it had the headline:

"Signs that suggest Amanda Knox is a psychopath".

This Week is actually paying Google to advertise this story on other websites and are slandering and libelling Amanda Knox to do it.

And that sorta undermines the idea that this story is anything other than fallacious garbage.

Anger? You fool! I pity America! Thanks to those foolish enough to vote for Obama, Americans are now financially ruined.

There are over 1 MILLION HOMELESS American public school students! This is the first time this has ever happened!

The average American has no idea as to the mess they are in. Any decent economist will confirm that the financial mess there is absolutely diabolical.

You know as little about what my feelings are as you do the facts of Knox and Sollecito's guilt. I suggest you aim your comments at someone who gives a flying F about what you think. As far as I am concerned, you are simply a waste of my time.

None of that has anything to do with Knox. You haven't said a damn thing that convinces me of her guilt.

A very unfortunate way to refer to the accused murderers: "the stars of the show".

Exactly! I was scrolling down to see if anyone else was going to say this!
The family won't be considering this a show!

I bet if she is found guilty again the America Government will not send her back to Italy, and the Italian Government will not be able to have her extradited to Italy, yet the America Government thinks other Countries should hand back anyone they believe has committed a crime in America or against America. Remember the Bhopal Disaster almost 30 years ago, America refuses to send back the Executives to stand trial for the MASS MURDER OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE, they said that they could not find these Executives in America, but the BBC Panorama Programme went to America in the early 1990s and found them all, living in luxury homes and with lucrative new Directorships in other Companies, America Looks after all its Corrupt and Criminal Citizens that kill and murder all over the world, through neglect, incompetence and criminal acts, America treats citizens of other Countries as if they are VERMIN. America is the largest Criminal and Terrorist Country in the World.

Again someone had prospered by or through murder or being involved in murder. She will make millions of dollars, books, films, television interviews, talk shows, yet she said she had money to go back to Italy to be at the trial, or to pay for her accommodation. I will pay her airfare, and her accommodation, then she said she was not guilty and would not get a fair trail, that is what Snowden is saying, but nobody is listening to him.
Another prime example of making money is the case of the McCann family that had their daughter allegedly kidnapped in 2007, they left their Daughter in an unsecured room with their other Children, in a foreign Country unattended, most people would not leave a Dog like that, yet they have never been charged with Child Neglect, are making millions of pounds suing newspapers, Police Officers, getting massive amounts of donations, writing books, and no most likely be making a film, the British Prime Minister hoping to cash in on all this publicity by ordering the Metropolitan Police to investigate this Child Neglect which resulted in the disappearance of their daughter, but no Metropolitan Police Investigation into all the other children that have disappeared while on holiday abroad, what is so special about the McCann family in the UK, what connections have they with government, and is the government helping them because they have now made so much money out of their child neglect, they want to get their hands on some of it or the Conservative Party Coffers. This McCann case STINKS OF CHILD NEGLECT, YET THEY ARE MAKING MILLIONS FROM IT. Anyone got a spare Child that they want to loose and make money from.

Actually as a Brit I don't think she did it. This probably makes me unpopular amongst fellow British who need someone to be angry at because an English Rose died, but the evidence against Knox was really weak. The DNA was not present, the argument for her guilt was based on how much sex she was having, and as awful as it is for the Kerchers; simply chucking anyone in Jail isn't the answer. The evidence for the prosecution was extremely weak - period! Unless they can come up with something new then it's time to leave Amanda Knox and Rafaelle Sollecito alone.

But there is plenty of evidence when you read translation of court of sensations report. Its not because of an English Rose has died to be honest its pretty sad but everyone forgets about the victim and focuses Knox. The real bias is in the US media which even affected how we reported on it. There is pretty damning evidence which isn't reported on because of the PR team not Lawyers, PR team that looks after her.

" During the police investigation, a friend expressed the hope that Kercher had not suffered. Knox exclaimed: "What do you think? THEY cut her throat... She f****** bled to death!" "

Strange plural choice (for someone not there), to assume murdererS. Did the police ever express possibility of more than one?

Given a woman murdered, HE cut her throat... would be my assumption.

"She f****** bled to death" emphasizes "hope... had not suffered" is stupid.

This whole affair saddens me for a number of reasons and not least for the effect this continual coverage has on the family of Meredith Kercher.

I am appalled by the media circus that surrounds this case and I am no fan of the way the tabloid press behaves in reporting, analysing and sensationalising trials. Obviously we all have an interest in this case, else we wouldn't be here but the representation and interpretation of the facts of this case leaves a sour taste. For instance I would like to see the summary of a Mental health assessment carried out by a Mental Health professional that indicates whether or not there are concerns over Amanda Knox's mental health rather than an armchair assessment of court footage.

I know I shouldn't read the comments, but they really anger me as to how a trial involving individuals of different nationalities leads to all the -phobes coming out with an America vs England/Italy mentality. This goes beyond the differences between our legal systems and into deeply personal and vitriolic attacks against each country's government, press and population. None of our countries are perfect where the governments and judicial system in each have flaws. However one is no better than any of the others and each have evolved to represent the needs of the electorate of that country. The exception is the media, which touts itself as the mouthpiece but in reality we do not approve or disapprove of the content prior to its airing/publication but can only voice our opinion after the fact.

Further it is wrong to judge each nation on the basis of the key persons involved in this case nor to support them as one would support a competing sportsperson (i.e. supporting Knox as she is American). We should only view it as victims and suspects without the need to bring nationalism into the mix. My sympathy for the Kercher family would extend regardless of her ethnicity, religion or nationality.

A crime has been committed and there is no doubt that mistakes were made during the initial investigation leading to relevant and correct doubts being raised over the validity of that evidence. I will wait for the re-trial to proceed and study the evidence/findings before attempting to form a conclusion. Unfortunately many will have their opinions formed on spin, conjecture and arm chair analysis and will stick them regardless of the evidence. Perhaps Amanda Knox is a manipulative, psychotic deviant but it is more likely, in view of the evidence, that she is not.

In the modern world, democratic nations governed by the rule of law which is en-acted by an elected body must stick together and not allow petty differences to force us apart. We can ill afford the mistakes of the past in allowing democracies to drift apart or build barriers to our co-operation and understanding. The forces of fundamentalism (religious and political) will exploit any weakness they perceive.

This case highlights our unity, disgust at a heinous crime, sympathy for the victim and despair that the investigation has not reached a satisfactory conclusion.

We are aware of the tabloid media having the morals of a slug, please dont think the press represent s United Kingdom...i havnt bought a tabloid since Hillsborough. Who is forcing the Italian legal system to get a result? Innocent or guilty, its a case of keep trying until we get her...she may be an annoying, self centred American tart but she was tried, acquited and should be left to do as she likes. Oh and Dylan...for you to blame and compare the McCann parents for wrong doing and neglect is sad , stupid and wrong. Bellend.

I tend to agree with you ! The Italian Police have been very weak, corrupt even, thus skewing the whole trial irredeemably.

It's Hanged not hung !

You can use either, Hanged / Hung are both past tense viable options.

Will she volunteer to go and serve her due sentence?

THANK YOU, someone agrees with me about the mccann case! not so much on child neglect, but just whether the whole thing is genuine or not, or a publicity/book deal etc stunt

I would say "they". I don't know who killed this person, under what circumstance, etc... I use "they" in this situation, as most people would. It's the same "they" as in "you know, they say that thinking an argument through before posting is actually a really good idea".

It's the same lazy, hindsight is perfect logic evident in the line above that Knox rubbing her temples was interpreted as trying to rid her mind of thoughts. Who the hell interpreted it that way? I sure wouldn't. This is real life, not a damn movie.

Bet you're fun at parties. Pillock.

Dylan is entitled to his opinion, and in fact, if you had read through the police interviews as I have, and if you had seen the police evidence against the McCann's as I have, you may very well view them differently.

The English sniffer dogs sent to Portugal to test the apartment and the rental car, found Madeleine's scent of death behind the sofa and in the boot of the car! These dogs are so highly respected that their services were required all over the world; the handlers had to pick and chose! They do not make mistakes. Perhaps you have a good explanation as to why the body of Madeleine was 100% detected behind the sofa and in the boot of the car!

Your views on the Knox case are equally wrong.

Try reading the judicial papers sometime, you tend to actually know what you are talking about if you do this.

Rest assured, this is one of an entire list of circumstantial evidences which point the finger of guilt directly at Knox.

It is completely irrelevant what you 'would say'. Indeed, all of the other excuses dreamed up to paint Knox in a good light are just as irrelevant.

The simple fact is that when Meredith's bedroom door was forced open, both Knox and Sollecito were as far away from this room as it was possible to be, for they had retreated to the other side of the cottage. This in itself is unnatural!

Just a few minutes earlier, Knox had been trying to persuade the postal police that it was normal for Meredith to keep her bedroom door locked, even when she popped to the bathroom. Filomena knew this was BS and instantly corrected the police, and panicked. She wanted the door opened immediately after hearing Knox lie.

In fact, Knox had made great play earlier about not being able to rouse Meredith from behind her locked door, and how she herself had panicked, banging loudly on the door,shouting for her, and getting Sollecito to try and kick the door open. She even tried to see inside the room from the balcony! Why then, lie about the door being kept locked? Why then the distance between herself and this door upon opening, when it is natural for her to have wished to see beyond it?

This makes as little sense as does the fact that Knox knew details of the crime scene that she had no way of knowing UNLESS she had been there!

In addition to the WAY Meredith dies, Knox also stated that her body was in front of the closet. Poor Meredith had DIED in front of the closet, but her body was subsequently moved into the centre of the room!


Livingston, you had best prepare for the fact that all of the lies, the falsifications, the mis-stating of evidence and the excuses have been a complete and utter waste of time. It seems to be taking a while for this fact to be dawning on the brain dead Knox fan, but the Italian Supreme Court is only interested in the circumstantial evidence, the forensic evidence, the witness testimony AND the facts.

Knox IS going to prison for life.

Dude, I think you mistook my comment for me giving a rat's ass. You also assume I believe Knox and Sollecito are innocent. I believe no such thing. What I do believe is that boy do you waffle on a bit some, don't you?

Lithium will calm you down a little.

You mis-read any anger you may feel is aimed at you. It is nothing to do with the fact that Meredith was a beautiful English girl, it is solely to do with the fact that you think to speak of a case you know NOTHING about!

Tabloid reading armchair pundits like you are ten a penny. A normal minded person would be embarrassed to parrot on like you do. In fact, I like to expose ignoramuses like you by asking them a simple question, one that exposes their complete lack of knowledge in this case instantly. Lets see how you get on:

The Galati highlights 17 errors in the criminally inept Hellmann Appeal. NAME THEM.

I give you a 0% chance of doing this. To date, NOT ONE Knox minion has been capable of naming ONE error, such is their complete lack of proper research into this case. They have a little list of excuses, that is it! It is pitiful! Anyone would think this case has nothing to do with a girl tortured to death, such is the lack of effort any of the Knox fans are willing to put in!

I am English and I have read the 440 page Massei, I have read the Micheli, I have read the Galati and I have also read the criminal Hellmann's so called appeal. I did so because I would be ashamed of myself to fling comments around on a case so horrendous, a case which has real ramifications for the only victims here, beautiful Meredith and her family, with no knowledge of the real facts.

Good luck with the question! I doubt I will hear back from you, and if I do, you will merely spew out another meaningless excuse.

She climbed behind the sofa. She played in the boot of the car or clothing of hers, perhaps a jacket, were there. Very easily explained.

What, pray tell, is "the scent of death"? Is it like napalm?

There is no mistake on my part, as proven by the fact that you took the time to respond.

If an eloquent comment which highlights evidence is deemed by you to be 'waffle', I will put that down to the fact that you are ignorant, and as such, unable to respond.

Unlike many of your American neighbours, family members, friends, and I may hazard a guess, yourself, I have no need of lithium. In fact, for you to know of it, you must certainly use it. I had to look it up.

Fortunately for me, I have nothing in my life to feel depressed about. I lead a life of privilege.

Sniffer dogs are trained to detect the 'scent of death'. It is easily distinguishable to them as their noses are exceedingly sensitive.

Dead people stink to high heavens! I am appalled that you did not know this! The smell a corpse gives off is completely different to the smell a live person gives off. The dogs know the difference because they are highly trained to know the difference. They can distinguish between a dead person, a live person AND blood.

The scent detected was of a corpse.

So, no, the scent had nothing whatsoever to do with a jacket, etc, or live Madeleine!

Did you make it past the remedial class at school?


When Curt Knox hired Gogerty Marriott, a firm of spin merchants who make a living lying though the back of their teeth, he altered the path of this case. GM picked through the evidence against Knox and made up an excuse, or a bare-faced lie, to cover the truth in every point. They fed this to American news sites and they in turn pumped it out to a mainly gormless audience. It is no wonder Knox has a fan club made up of thick, lazy people. Not one of them has the sense to base their views on the real facts.

Curt Knox has made it impossible for his daughter to tell the truth by taking this course. No normal person needs a bunch of professional fraudsters if their daughter is innocent! In fact, Curt Knox is a thug who had to be taken to court to force him to pay child maintenance to Edda Mellas, twice! When they were together, he was an aggressive bully, and when he hired GM it was more to protect his name than it was to protect his daughter.

He knows full well she is guilty. She was near to confessing before he interfered, and she can thank him for the fact that she is looking at a life sentence now! If she had been honest, she would not have spent the last years looking over her shoulder! Her complexion speaks wonders, she is covered in pock marks! If she had confessed, she would have received a sentence which reflected that and she would be nearing the end of her sentence now.

As it is, she will be dragged back, kicking and screaming, very soon.

The financial state America is in thanks to Obama will knock a lot of their arrogance on the head. They cannot afford to act like the 'big boys' anymore for they are bankrupt.

Those Americans who are suffering through no fault of their own, I feel huge sympathy for! Their government has been diabolical in many ways.

30 years ago the US national debt stood at about one trillion dollars. Today it stands at almost 17 TRILLION DOLLARS! About 40 years ago the TOTAL debt stood at about 2 trillion dollars, today it is more than 56 TRILLION DOLLARS!

At the same time as you have running up all of this debt, the economic infrastructure and U.S ability to create wealth has been completely gutted. Since 2001, America has lost more than 56,000 manufacturing facilities and millions of jobs have been moved overseas. Their share of the global GDP declined from 31.8% in 2001 to 21.6% in 2011.

The percentage of self employed Americans is at an all time low whilst the amount of them on benefits is at a record high.

During Obama's first term, the federal government accumulated more debt than it did under the first 42 U.S presidents combined.

If they started to pay off the new debt accumulated under Obama at the rate of $1 per second, it would take them 184,000 years to pay it off.

Every hour of every day, the federal government steals more than 100 MILLION DOLLARS from American children and your grandchildren.

They have dropped in global economic competitiveness for the past 4 years running. According to the Economist, America was the best place to be born in 1988, now they tie for 16th place.

There are less Americans working in manufacturing today than in 1950, despite the fact that their population has doubled since then. In Detroit alone, there are over 70,000 abandoned buildings.

When NAFTA was pushed through Congress in 1933, America had a trade surplus with Mexico of 1.6 billion dollars. They had a trade DEFICIT with them of 61.6 billion dollars come 2010.

Their trade deficit with China was 6 MILLION DOLARS in 1985 for the entire year. In 2012 their trade deficit with China was 315 BILLION DOLLARS. This is the largest trade deficit between nations in the history of the world. They also lose half a million jobs to China annually.

Less than 65% of all men in America have jobs.

53% of American male workers make less than £30,000 a year!

Only 7% of all non-farm workers in the States are self-employed. This is an all time low.

146 million Americans are either 'poor' or 'low income'. 49% of them live in a home that receives benefits from the federal government, according to the U.S Census Bureau.

One in every 6 Americans is on Medicaid and Obamacare will add another 16 million to the Medicaid rolls; this will be a total of 73.2 million come 2025. This will increase liabilities of 38 trillion dollars to Medicare over the next 75 years, which equates to $328,404.00 for every single household in the United States.

Of the 56 million Americans collecting Social Security benefits now, by 2035 that will soar to an astounding 91 MILLION! That is a 134 trillion dollar shortfall over the next 75 years. Americans on Social Security Disability exceeds the population of Greece, and those on food stamps exceeds the population of Spain,

45% of all children in Miami now live in poverty, more than 50% of all children in Cleveland live in poverty, 60% of all children in Detroit live in poverty. More than 1 million public school students in America are HOMELESS. This is the first time in their history this has ever happened.

SInce Obama got back in, those Americans on food stamps has risen from 32 million to 47 million. That number exceeds the combined populations of Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Colombia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming.

It will be very difficult for them to interfere with other countries for decades now, they have never been in debt like this before!

What a load of shit. Eichman??????are you for real. What is "normal" behaviour s such circumstances? It certainly isn't defined by people behaving in a manner consistent with a fictional scenario. Idiot.

Reagan was the most profligate president, and he didn't have a global financial crisis to deal with. Jobs disappear because businesses controlled mainly by republicans have moved the jobs offshore to make more money. It was happening well before Obama came to power and it has happened under all recent presidents.

The growth in poverty and the extremes of wealth and poverty in the USA started years ago, again growth in inequality and poverty have happened regardless of president.

do either of you have a shred of evidence to back up your libellous comments?

so, did the dogs actually TELL the police, (in doggy language), that they had detected a corpse's smell and not a 'live' smell? Or did the police sniff it themselves? Ghislane400 you are so 'up' yourself, you treat everyone as if they are inferior to you, and when they do not agree with you you hurl insults....not indicative of a gentleman I would have thought.
''Dead people stink to high heavens'' - you don't say! Why then, the need for dogs ?
Come down from your ivory tower, and have some manners; you sound like an immature,self-centred brat - and then some!!!

I am not at all surprised that my earlier reply caused you to shut your mouth. It must be humiliating being exposed as an ignoramus, especially when it was so very easy to do so!

The study of human behaviour, and of facial expressions, even down to micro-expressions, is a very real and exact science. The leading scientists in this field are used by American police and the F.B.I.

Knox's behaviour was extreme. She stood out from the word go, especially in contrast to those of Meredith's friends around her. She claims now that she was, and still is, heartbroken by Meredith's murder. This is twaddle.

Immediately after the murder, Knox was on a murder high, and this explains her attention seeking performances in front of the cameras. It also explains her arrogance at the station, when she aggressively told Meredith's friends that, contrary to their beliefs, the poor girl had died in agony!

Of course, Knox's arrogance led her to drop herself right in it. It soon became apparent, purely because of her behaviour and because of her big, obnoxious mouth, that she knew things only someone present at the murder could know. For instance, how do you explain Knox's comment of the position of Meredith's body?

Meredith had died in front of the closet. This is 100% proven by the blood evidence both on the body, around the body and on the items found around the body. It is also known by indents upon Meredith's body from where she had lay on several items which had subsequently left indents on her body. However, when the police entered the bedroom, Meredith lay in the centre of the room! She had been moved.

Knox told several people that Meredith's body was by the closet, in the original position! She was in this position when she was murdered, but was found in a different position! How could Knox possibly have known this horrific fact? It is impossible for her to HAVE known unless she was there!

In fact, after kicking up the pretence of fear at not being able to raise poor Meredith from her room, and confirming that she had banged on Meredith's door, and shouted, and gone outside onto the balcony to try and peer in, and finally, as having gotten Sollecito to try and kick the door in, we are then supposed to think it is normal for her to lose her fear for Meredith the second she meets the postal police! They arrive, and in total contrast to the claims of fear and panic she claimed she felt 5 minutes earlier, Knox now tries to convince the police it is completely normal for Meredith to keep her bedroom door locked! This is as outrageous pile of BULL.

Indeed, when the door was forced by one of Filomena's friends, Luca, Knox and Sollecito were NOWHERE TO BE SEEN. You go ahead and try and kid yourself that is normal behaviour, idiot!

ANYONE with any worry for a friend would have been absolutely desperate to know Meredith was safe behind that door! Filomena behaved just as a true friend would, she wanted the door forced as soon as she heard Knox lying about it being locked normally. Filomena refuted this instantly, and her fear became very much larger pressing her to want the door opened against the postal police's wishes! This is NORMAL behaviour.

In complete contrast, Knox hightailed it to the furthest possible point in the cottage away from Meredith's bedroom. The guilty bitch could not help herself. This is the thing that twerps like you fail to grasp; guilty people behave like guilty people despite their best efforts to do otherwise. Andrew Entwistle, the English murderer, is a perfect case in point. If you see his face after he is shown the bodies of his dead wife and baby daughter he has to hide his face and his mouth to try and disguise the fact that he is laughing and smiling. It is the most disgusting display of guilt possible, and yet, he has a fan club of thick and gullible American dim-wits just like Knox.

Knox performed her antics, she was all over Sollecito like a rash, she was happy to sexualise her display, she was arrogant, condescending and verbally admonishing to Meredith's friends and even in questioning, she could not help herself but to blame the blood in the bathroom as being Meredith's menstrual blood! She knew full well Meredith was meticulously clean and would never in a 1000 years create this mess in the first place, let alone leave the bathroom like it. It was in fact Knox who had very poor body cleanliness, and it was she who never flushed the toilet after herself, and it was she who failed constantly to do her share of the housework.

The final attempt to insult a beautiful, murdered girl, is very indicative of both Knox's nature and her guilt. Lets hope the average American parent is doing a better job than Curt and Edda. They will soon kiss bye-byes to Knox for the last in a very long time thanks to their efforts.

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I am female.

There is good reason why my comment makes you feel inferior; it is because you are. You are clearly poorly educated and unintelligent, and to compound matters, you did not even have the sense to do any research before posting your laughable comment.

If you had, you would know that sniffer dogs are expertly trained to detect and differentiate scents. That you think to attempt to be sarcastic about this highly valued service advertises your utter ignorance!

In fact, the dogs are far more intelligent than you are, AND they have been trained to communicate their findings to their handlers. This means, they talk. They do not have the benefit of language and even so, they do a job superior to yours! How amusing is that!

I see from your other comment that you are a fan of Asda. This speaks wonders. Your reply to me contains not one fact in this case, and the sole purpose for your reply was insult. You have obviously failed in your attempt because you are inadequate and dense.

You mention my 'ivory tower', and my being 'up' myself. This is what bothers you and this is the reason for your embittered little comment. You are jealous.

I am very happy that you continue your life, shopping in lowly Asda and the like. It is the life you deserve. I, on the other hand, will continue living the life I not only deserve but one I work hard for: three homes (Bath, Herengracht and Scotts Road, Singapore), constant world wide travel (Suites Class of course, care of SIngapore Air or Emirates - I like my Kris Flyer Points), fine dining, the VERY BEST hotels and literally buying what I want when I want it. The untold joys of wealth, that will unfortunately be outside your reach for the rest of your miserable existence.

You make sure to wave bye-bye to Knox from your filthy windowless basement bedsit! Pig-ignorant maggots like you make me sick.

If you cannot see that Obama has been criminally inept beyond those Presidents before him, you are a fool.

Well, Jizzlang, if it helps get you through the night, you go on and think that. :-)

Why? She was found guilty.

I asked a psychic I know who has a good reputation, and who has accurately predicted things with alarming accuracy in my own life and she said she did not commit the murder. She said it was a man who 'shared her bed'. It was Guede in a drug fuelled frenzy. That no one will ever remember exactly hat happened.

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Why bother posting on a subject you clearly know nothing about?

You can tell your pathetic friend, the 'psychic', that her bunkum will be proven as such when Knox is thrown into prison for the rest of her miserable life.

I hope you paid her a lot of money to listen to her BS.

I KNOW that.

Unlike you, Andrew the American Hick, I received an excellent education and I am intelligent. Furthermore, I am English. This already makes me vastly superior to you. Even furthermore, I am wealthy, and that means I pay nobodies like you to do the things I don't want to do.

I expect you are in England making good use of our ridiculous freebie benefits bonanza. The land of your birth is bankrupt. Good to see you abandoned the sinking ship, like the wimp that you are.

As far as getting through the night is concerned, I am happy to inform you that I have no difficulties whatsoever. I am a great believer in the saying 'you get what you pay for', and as I can afford the best, I have the best. In every one of my three homes, I have Savoir beds. Each one costs more than your annual disposable income, and I have spread throughout my Bath townhouse, my Herengracht canal-side house and my Scotts Park, Singapore, penthouse, a total of 16. Both I and the rest of my family sleep in wondrous comfort.

Of course, if I happen to be on one of my many, many worldwide travels, I pay the little extra to fly Suites Class care of SIngapore Air or Emirates. A maggot like you will be unaware of this class, given on the rare occasion you fly it will be in Cattle Class. Lets just say that a fully flat bed with Egyptian cotton sheeting is a given, as is full privacy. A Michelin starred chef has designed the menu and the service is impeccable. My Kris Flyer points alone are worth more than you.

Having the money to do what I want to do, when I want to do it, makes for very peaceful slumber.

I see that you have a very unhealthy mind! Looking like you do, I can see why! It must be difficult finding company with that face. If you had the money, you could pay for some rather than nightly depending on your fist. I expect your basement bedsit stinks. No wonder you adore Knox, she is also known for her filthy habits and her aversion to water!

Ta ra!

I have no urge or need to convince you of Knox's guilt. People like you are worthless.

Furthermore, the tramp's guilt will be plastered all over the front page of your American 'news sites' soon enough, and then even gormless twerps like you will be forced to get the message.

Until then, sit and swivel.

Your comment is typical of the lower-class American moron. No wonder you adore Knox! All she was ever concerned about was goofing around, sleeping around, getting drunk out of her mind, getting drugged out of her mind and generally behaving like an unwashed whore.

Your idea of a party will in no way correlate with mine, and the parties I attend are not open to nobodies like you.

In fact, the difference between you and I can be compared with that which existed between beautiful Meredith and the American murderer, Knox. Knox was a filthy, ill-educated, common, rat and pock-faced, trashy dog who found it impossible to keep her legs crossed. Meredith was a beautiful, intelligent, classy English girl with a fabulous future ahead of her.

It is easy to see why Knox was consumed with burning envy towards poor Meredith!

Evil American dogs like Knox should come with a health warning. They should also be prevented from leaving America, unless of course it is for the reason that they are being imprisoned for life. I am happy to make an exception to the rule if that is the case.

Get ready to wave bye-bye to American murderer Knox.

Well said!

How typical that Fredly has been unable to reply.

Why don't you use your real name, Ghislane? And then we can see who is who. Or would you still write the things you write if people know who you actually were?

As for you being "English". You're not English. There difference between you and me is that I am a real person. You are not. Not unless you're using your real name.

Yeah. You're English...

By the way, I think Amanda Knox is guilty. You've assumed way too much, Ghislang. Way too much.

But since we're making things up. I am the CEO of Emirates, and you'll never fly with us again.