Police hunt 'Diana', blonde vigilante killing bus drivers

Sep 3, 2013

Wearing a wig and carrying a pistol, Mexican woman claims to be avenging sexual abuse on buses

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SHE wears a blonde wig, calls herself 'Diana' and shoots bus drivers dead in cold blood.

Police in Mexico are trying to apprehend a vigilante calling herself 'Diana, the hunter of bus drivers', following the murder of two drivers in two days in the northern border city of Ciudad Juárez.

The woman's killing spree started on Wednesday last week when she boarded a bus, pulled out a pistol and shot the driver in the head. She then stepped off the bus and disappeared into the crowd.

The next day, the woman struck again on the same bus route. According to a witness quoted in Mexican newspaper El Diario de Juárez the woman told her second victim: "You guys think you're real bad, don't you?" She then shot him dead.

Over the weekend, Mexican media outlets began receiving emails from someone calling herself Diana, the hunter of bus drivers. A Facebook page under the same name was set up on 31 August.

"I am the instrument of vengeance for several women," the email said. "I myself and other women have suffered in silence but we can't stay quiet any more. We were victims of sexual violence by the drivers on the night shift on the routes to the maquilas," a reference to the assembly lines near the border that employ many people in Ciudad Juárez.

The Guardian says the city has a "grim history of sexual violence towards women on buses". Indeed, a spate of murders in Ciudad Juarez in the 1990s and early 2000s, which claimed the lives of more than 100 women, took place after the victims boarded buses," NBC News reports. Their bodies were often found "weeks or months later, raped, strangled and dumped in the desert or vacant lots".

Several bus drivers were arrested in connection with those killings, but the "cases against them always appeared weak, or their confessions coerced".

Police are taking the vigilante theory seriously because there was no robbery involved in either incident.

Local authorities said armed undercover police have been put on board some buses and passengers would be searched for weapons. "We have a police sketch of the suspect and we are looking for her," a police spokesman said.

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