'Lost' Amazon tribe forced out of the rainforest

Jul 4, 2014

Illegal logging in the Amazon is blamed, as NGO warns the tribe could now face extinction

Survival International

A group of Amazon Indians, who had previously had no contact with the outside world, has been forced out of the Brazilian rainforest due to illegal logging and drug trafficking.

For the first time in history, members of the tribe have left the rainforest and initiated contact with a local community, according to indigenous-rights group Survival International.

Federal policy forbids direct contact with tribes such as this, for fear of introducing new diseases or harming their local culture and environment.

They may now be faced with viruses against which they have no immunity, such as chicken pox, measles or the common cold, which could prove deadly.

"The uncontacted Indians now face the same genocidal risk from disease and violence which has characterised the invasion and occupation of the Americas over the last five centuries," warned Survivor's Director Stephen Corry.

The Western part of the Amazon covers several states in Brazil and parts of Peru and is home to some of the world's last uncontacted Indians.

Land along Brazil's border with Peru is highly sought after, and fought over, due to the presence of timber, oil, minerals, natural gas, and hydroelectric and farming potential, National Geographic  reports.

Brazil's Indian Affairs Department and Survival previously warned Peruvian authorities of the dangers the extensive logging could cause to local tribes.

"It shows the injustice we face today," said Nixiwaka Yawanawá, an Indian from the same state as the tribe, who works for Survival international. "They are even more vulnerable because they can’t communicate with the authorities. Both governments must act now to stop a disaster against my people."

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And what will happen to the people/organization responsible for this unnecessary, unwanted and illegal intrusion? They will only be 'praised' for revealing a previously unknown aspect of the evolution of man to the world of science but in reality they should be made an example of by administering a suitable punishment which would serve as an effective deterrent against any future illegal logging activities! Our 'modern development activities' have once again intruded on an example of even our own species in this case, let alone the environments of many other species of life that exist in the Amazon rainforest area. Tribes like this should be treasured and protected as being a living part of the evolution of modern man. They have survived without the intervention of 'modern man' so far, which just shows how 'valuable' our modern developments really must be, but now they face eviction from their natural home and even extermination resulting from infection by our own 'self-cultivated' viruses and diseases. The Amazon rainforest should be effectively protected as a world heritage site before it is gone and preserved as a 'national park' with a global status! And where will these logging people turn to next for their supplies of illegal wood when it is all gone? There will be nowhere left! Leave our world alone! We really are beginning to exterminate the human race and this is a classic example illustrating that point. We have encroached on a tribe of our own species and by doing so we are presenting the beginning of human extinction!. CHOP THAT DOWN!

" ... now they face eviction from their natural home and even extermination
resulting from infection by our own 'self-cultivated' viruses and

What's "self-cultivated" about chicken pox and the common cold, exactly?