Sean Penn says UK should not have sent William to Falklands

Feb 15, 2012
Tim Edwards

Actor winds up Brits again - but now he faces call to hand back his Malibu estate to Mexico

A DAY after accusing Britain of "ridiculous colonialism" over the Falkland Islands, Sean Penn has struck again, claiming London's decision to send Prince William to the overseas territory to join an RAF search and rescue team is insensitive.

The Hollywood actor was lampooned by the British media yesterday after calling on the UK to negotiate with Argentina over sovereignty of the Falklands during a meeting with President Cristina Kirchner.

Today, after meeting Uruguayan President Jose Mujica, he waded into the row again.

"Yesterday in Buenos Aires, I spoke to the press and did not expect to be immune to their paraphrases and hyperbolic statements," he began. "However, I will make a small clarification regarding Great Britain and the Falklands.

"My oh my, aren't people sensitive to the word colonialism, particularly those who implement colonialism?

"There are many kinds of colonialism... It's unthinkable that the United Kingdom can make a conscious decision to deploy a prince who is part of the military to the Malvinas, knowing the great emotional sensitivity both of mothers and fathers in the United Kingdom and in Argentina who lost sons and daughters in a war in those islands.

"There are many places to deploy the prince. It is not necessary, when the deployment of a prince is generally accompanied by warships, to send them into the seas of such shared blood."

Penn is on a tour of South America, hoping to persuade governments there to offer aid to Haiti, the earthquake-stricken Caribbean island which has named him its 'ambassador at large'. (He has not mentioned the fact that Argentina has given only $8.3m of the $17.8m aid it promised Haiti in the wake of the 2010 earthquake. The UK, on the other hand, promised $39m and has given a total of $40.5m.)

Meanwhile, on the subject of "colonialism", Penn is facing calls to give up his own land. In a tongue-in-cheek article in The Daily Telegraph today, historian Dr Tim Stanley calls for the actor to hand back his Malibu estate to Mexico.

"His continued occupation of Malibu is an unacceptable mockery of national self-determination," writes Stanley. "The Mexicans owned that stretch of real estate well into the early 19th century and it was stolen by the Americans in a naked act of imperialist aggression."

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I think there are enough very basic U.S. issues (the first one being that so many Americans are starving and homeless,the second one being the Patriot Act) that Penn should think about first, rather than begin preaching to other countries.
Still, always good we have an idiot to laugh at . . .
Message to Sean Penn dont forget to take your Alzimmers tablets dear as you of of that age now
Every town & village has one LA has thousands & you my friend at the front of the queue
Please come to the UK Mr. Penn, we haven,t had a  good laugh since Prescott retired from public life.
Everyone has a right to an opinion but if Sean Penn is acting the role of paid or unpaid Publicity Officer on behalf of Argentina, he needs a better script for the role than the one that  he has been playing to date. I suggest he sticks to  something simpler that he actually understands and leaves more complex issues to those who do, a category for which he quite evidently is unsuited.
He`s a prick!
Next he'll be trying to liberate Alaska!
What a moron! It's amazing how people of that intelligence manage to remember to feed themselves each day.
Yet another Hollywood luvvie rampaging around on the world "stage" holding forth with his ill-informed opinions;  true to say, Mr Penn - never let complete and utter ignorance of a subject prevent you from expounding your opinion of that subject.   You conveniently overlook the most egregious act of colonialism perpetrated by any nation in the last two hundred years - that of the white American "settlers" (sorry! - let us be frank - "colonisers") forcibly dispossessing the Native Americans from their lands - would you like to lecture your fellow Americans on that subject? - if you have ANY knowledge of it - (thought not).
Another Hollywood " intellectual " uneducated beyond his intelligence.The Haiitians should confine the guy to their island,if they so badly need him to add to their miseries.
Sean Penn should mind his own business
I'll listen to you Penn, when you donate your own property back to the Mexicans and end poverty int he US. What a moron.
Americans don't forget we had to kick the hated british out before. We should support our south american friends not those chinless morons.