World Cup

Brazil World Cup: hackers target official websites

One-Minute Read Thu 27 Feb, AT 14:20

‘Fast, damaging and relatively simple’ techniques will be used to crash Fifa and sponsor’s sites, say activists

Mystery of pre-historic whale graveyard solved by toxic algae

One-Minute Read Wed 26 Feb, AT 10:35

Scores of whales ended up in a desert more than half a mile from the sea five millions years ago


Venezuela burns after arrest of opposition leader Lopez

One-Minute Read Thu 20 Feb, AT 11:36

Leopoldo Lopez surrenders to national guardsmen after impassioned speech to supporters in Caracas

Rob Ford: Toronto mayor 'paid for attack on ex-brother-in-law'

One-Minute Read Thu 30 Jan, AT 10:26

Scott MacIntyre files $1m lawsuit alleging Ford paid ex-footballer to beat him up in prison showers

Rob Ford

Rob Ford swears, slurs and adopts Jamaican accent - video

Video Wed 22 Jan, AT 10:01

Toronto mayor puts on boozy show in Jamaican restaurant, but denies he's 'discriminative'

Marijuana spliff

Joint decision: Uruguay to sell marijuana for $1 a gram

One-Minute Read Wed 11 Dec, AT 10:10

Government plans to grow and sell drug to citizens in bid to undermine traffickers

Brazilian footballer beheaded, and head left on doorstep

One-Minute Read Wed 30 Oct, AT 15:17

Gruesome discovery made by policewoman wife of former professional in Rio de Janeiro

Police hunt 'Diana', blonde vigilante killing bus drivers

One-Minute Read Tue 3 Sep, AT 12:42

Wearing a wig and carrying a pistol, Mexican woman claims to be avenging sexual abuse on buses

Brain-to-brain breakthrough in mind control experiment

One-Minute Read Wed 28 Aug, AT 13:48

Two minds with but a single thought as University of Washington researcher controls colleague’s hand movements

Venezuelan president sleeps in Hugo Chávez's mausoleum

One-Minute Read Tue 13 Aug, AT 10:31

First Maduro saw his late predecessor 'as a bird', now he is spending nights with his remains