Clerk giving spanking

Shopkeeper spanks thief who tried to rob him - video

Video Tue 19 Jun, AT 15:08

An armed robbery ends in farce after the shopkeeper spanks one of the thieves on the bottom


It wasn't us! EU chief Barroso blames US for financial crisis

One-Minute Read Tue 19 Jun, AT 12:27

EU commission president gets irritable at G20 summit after Canadian hack suggests North Americans shouldn't help solve euro debt crisis

Navi Pillay

Student demo restrictions land Canada on UN human rights blacklist

One-Minute Read Mon 18 Jun, AT 15:30

UN human rights boss Navi Pillay lists Canada alongside Russia for its 'alarming' Bill 78

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Argentina and Falkland Islanders face off at United Nations

First Post Fri 15 Jun, AT 12:00

Argentine President Kirchner calls UK rule of Falklands ‘an affront’ as islanders’ offer of direct talks is ignored

Crispin Black

How the Falklands War 'shadow' undid the British Army in Iraq

Thu 14 Jun, AT 09:40 Crispin Black

No veteran of the Falklands has ever commanded the army. Their absence has been dangerous for our Afghan and Iraqi operations


Falkland Islands to hold referendum on British rule

One-Minute Read Tue 12 Jun, AT 16:28

Falklands government wants to send clear signal to Argentina that islanders wish to remain British


Mexican drugs cartel firebomb Pepsi business for spying

One-Minute Read Fri 1 Jun, AT 15:14

A drugs cartel claims it firebombed a PepsiCo-owned snack company for aiding police surveillance

Canada suspect Luka Magnotta

Former porn actor hunted in Canadian body part case

One-Minute Read Thu 31 May, AT 09:53

Reports that Rocco Luka Magnotta filmed himself killing victim and then put body parts in post

Canadian student protest in Montreal

400 arrested in Quebec at demo against ban on mass protests

One-Minute Read Thu 24 May, AT 14:36

Canadian students rally against Bill 78, which forces demonstrators to seek police permission for marches

Secret Service sex scandal agents fight dismissals

One-Minute Read Wed 23 May, AT 13:54

Four agents fired after Colombia scandal say they are being made scapegoats for behaviour 'long tolerated'