Brazil gripped by massive protests - five key questions

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How did a dispute about bus fares in Sao Paulo turn into Brazil's biggest demonstrations in 20 years?

Maracana fiasco raises Brazil World Cup and Olympic fears

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England friendly match in Rio suspended by judge over stadium safety concerns but then reinstated

Tensions rise in Venezuela as MPs fight in parliament - video

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Punch-up in the National Assembly over disputed election results after death of Hugo Chavez

Who is Nicolas Maduro, the new president of Venezuela?

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Elected with a tiny majority, Hugo Chavez's political heir faces enormous challenges

Brazil's Olympic stadium in Rio shut down over safety fears

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Roof problem closes athletics venue amid concerns over Games and World Cup

Hugo Chavez's death at 58 was due to US plot, claims Maduro

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Week of mourning declared for Venezuela's socialist leader as conspiracy theories fly in Caracas

Hugo Chavez 'clings to life' as successor jostles for power

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'Bleak' update on the president's condition comes as his nominated successor Maduro begins electioneering


Falklands back in our hands in 20 years – Argentine minister

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Hector Timerman says the UN is obliged to step in and Buenos Aires will regain the disputed islands