'Queen of Cocaine' Griselda Blanco shot down in Colombia

First Reaction Tue 4 Sep, AT 12:28

A 'bloody cinematic ending' for the infamous drug trafficker and killer who mentored Pablo Escobar

Colombia-Farc peace talks: 50 years of guerilla warfare

Briefing Tue 28 Aug, AT 14:06

Rebel group fighting since 1964 may come in from the cold – but what is Farc?

Warning to Assange: how Quito treated another asylum seeker

First Post Tue 21 Aug, AT 16:14

As Assange shelters in Ecuadorean embassy, the fate of another whisteblower comes to light

Assange sex claims bogus, says Galloway as Ecuador warns UK

One-Minute Read Tue 21 Aug, AT 08:48

Controversial MP wades into diplomatic row as Correa tells UK not to violate embassy

Greek gods go to Rio as 2016 Olympics theme tune released

Video Wed 15 Aug, AT 15:14

Relaxed scenes of sunny Rio de Janeiro contrast with Muse's tune about gritty determination

Otto Skorzeny

Trouble with Argentina? Remind them of their Nazi-backing past

Fri 29 Jun, AT 15:49 Crispin Black

Intelligence suggests Argentine sportsmen and/or supporters are planning stunts over the Falklands issue at the London Olympics

Alexander Cockburn

Rio+20 summit: welcome to the fantasy land of green conferences

Thu 21 Jun, AT 07:35 Alexander Cockburn

Once again, thousands of delegates descend on a pleasant location. Once again, the result is failure

President Cristina Kirchner

David Cameron walks away from Argentina's G20 Falklands 'stunt'

One-Minute Read Wed 20 Jun, AT 10:29

PM clashes with President Cristina Kirchner and walks away when she offers him a package labelled 'Malvinas'

Clerk giving spanking

Shopkeeper spanks thief who tried to rob him - video

Video Tue 19 Jun, AT 15:08

An armed robbery ends in farce after the shopkeeper spanks one of the thieves on the bottom