Council staff count votes from local elections

Election 2014: Five things we can learn from the results

Analysis Fri 23 May, AT 11:21

Ukip now a national player, Lib Dems suffer rout – and other key lessons from yesterday's elections

John Harrison's chronometer which won the original Longitude Prize in 1714

£10m Longitude Prize: will it solve world's greatest challenges?

Analysis Wed 21 May, AT 12:02

New Longitude Prize aims to beat dementia, paralysis, climate change or global food shortages

Internal divisions make UN powerless to stop war in Syria

Analysis Tue 13 Dec, AT 13:02

High Commissioner for Human Rights alleges crimes against humanity - but is it a 'howl of helplessness'?

Eyebrows raised as Chinese launch ‘human rights’ plan

Analysis Fri 9 Dec, AT 16:29

Chinese government state the importance of civil liberties - but activists struggle to agree

Downing St fury at boast of influence over PM

Analysis Tue 6 Dec, AT 14:03

Register of lobbyists back on agenda after secret filming claims to show Bell Pottinger offering political influence

Second huge blast in 20 days at Iranian nuclear facility

Analysis Wed 30 Nov, AT 10:07

Iranians continue to pretend they are not under attack. But about those rockets landing in Galilee?

Ice berg

Scientist slams 'pathetic' climategate 2 email dump

Analysis Wed 23 Nov, AT 14:05

Here we go again: leaked emails published on eve of UN climate conference

Egypt's army appeals to Tahrir but public anger unstoppable

Analysis Wed 23 Nov, AT 14:00

Tantawi makes far-reaching gestures and challenges protesters to come up with a better idea

Burmese Spring? Aung San Suu Kyi to stand in election

Analysis Fri 18 Nov, AT 15:44

'Mandela of Burma' states intention to enter parliament – will she stand for leadership?


Spain and France borrowing costs rise as debt fears spread

Analysis Thu 17 Nov, AT 16:26

Germany faces increasing pressure to allow European Central Bank to print money