What next for Andy Murray? £100m and wedding bells

Sep 12, 2012

More success on and off the court predicted for Britain’s US Open champion

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WITH a first Grand Slam title under his belt, the future looks rosy for US Open tennis champion Andy Murray. Not only is he being tipped to go on and win more major tournaments, the Scot is also set for an earnings boost that could net him £100m, and there is even talk that he could now propose to girlfriend Kim Sears.

The victory may have opened up a new world of possibilities for the 25-year-old, but Murray himself was starting to doubt that the breakthrough would ever come, claims The Daily Telegraph.
"Monday night's victory had brought blessed relief from the doubts that had assailed him," said the paper. "He had moments when he feared he would never achieve his life's dream."
So far he has kept his feet on the ground. In his post-match interviews Murray spoke of the relief he felt after finally winning a final. But while the rest of his team celebrated with champagne and cocktails at the New York branch of Chinese restaurant Hakkasan, running up a bill of £4,000, Murray stuck to lemon soda.
The following day he was feted at the British consul's residence in Manhattan where he dined on Hula Hoops, Maltesers and Hobnobs and quaffed Irn-Bru.         
Observers agree that Murray's coach, Ivan Lendl, is unlikely to let success go to the Scot's head. The seven-time Grand Slam champion is not one for celebrating, notes The Guardian. "He did afterwards hug his charge in an awkward locker room embrace, [but] it was soon broken up when another member of Murray's team covered them both with champagne and the Czech began swearing."
The paper adds: "Murray's earnings are now likely to skyrocket, according to marketing experts, and head towards the levels of a Federer or a Tiger Woods. With further grand slam success, he could triple his current annual income of £8m a year."
The Sun leads the way in predicting that Murray will now enjoy a £100m windfall. "Huge US firms such as Coca-Cola, Visa and Google may vie to sign him up, along with multinational corporations such as Sony," it predicts.
Murray clearly understands his obligations towards sponsors. In the aftermath of his win over Novak Djokovic, panic spread across his face as he frantically searched through his kit bag for a watch from sponsor Rado and he could be seen screaming "I don't have it" across the court. Fortunately he located the timepiece and was wearing it by the time he picked up the trophy.
As for his love life, the Daily Mail is bubbling with excitement at the prospect of a love-match between Murray and his girlfriend Kim Sears, who has been with him for seven years. It predicts "a wedding after Wimbledon next summer".
The Mail reports that Sears is "shy, polite and clever" and has an "uncomplaining nature". That, says the paper, means "Kim is universally recognised as a perfect tennis wife".
We learn that Kim "likes to listen to Classic FM, and drink tea", is "known for her domestic skills" and makes a "mean" sloe gin. Just as extraordinary is the revelation that her "friends include a cupcake baker who has made special cakes decorated with pictures of Kim's dogs which she served Andy on the silver tray he got as Wimbledon runner-up this year".

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