29 Jul, 2015

From Solitaire and Encarta to Edge and Cortana – the 11 features only a Windows veteran will remember

Prime Music
28 Jul, 2015

Amazon's music streaming-service is cheaper than Apple Music or Spotify, but offers a far smaller library of songs

22 Jul, 2015

Five reasons Apple lost billions despite the company's sales soaring by more than a third

iPhone 6
16 Jul, 2015

iPhone and iPad users targeted with so-called 'crash report' that freezes their Safari browser

01 Jul, 2015

During yesterday's extra second, Apple earned about twice the average UK weekly salary

iPhone 7 concept
13 Jul, 2015

Apple's new iPad and iPhone operating system will offer longer battery life and an overhauled keyboard

Apple iTouch and Beats headphones
30 Jun, 2015

The tech giant's long awaited music streaming service launches today – but how does it differ from its rivals?

Jonathan Ive
26 May, 2015

News ends speculation over Ive's future, after rumours that British design guru was 'exhausted'

Microsoft Surface 3
05 May, 2015

Laptop-tablet hybrid does a passable impression of both devices, but is still no match for the purebreds, reviewers say

29 Apr, 2015

American Airlines replaced manuals with iPads to stop pilots injuring themselves with heavy flight documents