19 Aug, 2013

Supermarket giant expected to launch £130 tablet in bid to regain lost profits on books and DVDs

14 Aug, 2013

Company's shares rise to six-month high after investor says Apple is 'extremely undervalued'

13 Aug, 2013

Smartphone pioneer explores new options as fortunes plummet in face of Apple and Android competition

01 Aug, 2013

Apple can't shift its business away from Samsung yet, says Wall Street Journal tech correspondent

30 Jul, 2013

Fingerprint code found in test version of iOS 7 suggests intriguing new feature

24 Jul, 2013

Good iPhone sales offer comfort to investors as Apple shares rise in after-hours trading

18 Jul, 2013

A new report says rival smartphones are damaging Apple's iPhone sales

15 Jul, 2013

Tech giant says it will investigate claims woman received fatal shock from charging smartphone

15 Jul, 2013

Chris Sevier files a complaint in federal court after pornography addiction causes failure of marriage

Steve Jobs
21 Jun, 2013

In previously unreleased footage recorded in 1994, Jobs remarked his achievements would be forgotten by the time he was 50