Man City 'to pounce' for Van Persie, Podolski joins Arsenal

Mar 8, 2012
Bill Mann

They've already taken Nasri, Clichy, Toure and Adebayor – now they want Arsenal's Robin Reliant

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THE MESSAGE from Manchester City couldn't be clearer – get Robin van Persie. According to The Sun, Sky Blues boss Roberto Mancini is "waiting to pounce" for the striker Arsenal fans call 'Robin Reliant'.  

With his 32 goals for the Gunners this season, van Persie has caught the eye of Mancini who said of the Dutchman: "I think all the good teams are interested in him. At this moment Van Persie is one of the best strikers in Europe." Pressed on whether the Premier League leaders would pursue Van Persie in the summer, Mancini replied: "If there is a good player who wants to leave a club, then we are interested."

In recent seasons City, unable to develop decent players of their own, have plundered Arsenal at will, seizing Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy, Kolo Toure and Emmanuel Adebayor. But the Sun says Mancini is aware if he does want to get his hands on the 28-year-old Van Persie he'll have to pay above the odds: "If he leaves I don't think he will be cheap because he has one year left on his contract," said the Italian.

Elsewhere crocked Arsenal defender Per Mertesacker has been putting his spell on the sidelines to good use by talking up the Gunners to Lukas Podolski, who is all set to become a Gunner this summer. The BBC reports that Podolski has agreed a four-year deal worth £100,000-a-week at the Emirates and that Arsenal will pay his current club, Cologne, £10.9m

So what role did Mertesacker play in the deal? According to Sky Deutschland it seems the Arsenal defender, out for the rest of the season with an ankle injury he picked up against Sunderland last month, has been putting his mobile phone to good use. "He's been very interested in the past few weeks and has sent me a number of text messages," explained Mertesacker, who knows Podolski from international duty with Germany.

Asked what he had told the frontman by way of reply, Mertesacker showed that his selling skills are a lot sharper than his defending: "I've told him that this is a great place to work and that Arsenal are an amazing club."

More good news for Arsenal is that Podolski chose them ahead of Lokomotiv Moscow and Anzhi Makhachkala, who both offered him lucrative deals. But Podolski told Bild: "Money is not the most important thing for me." Presumably he feels the same way about silverware.

Meanwhile Paris Saint Germain might soon be making a pass at foul-mouthed frontman Luis Suarez. According to the Metro, the Parisian outfit are chasing the Liverpool striker along with Real Madrid forward Gonzalo Higuain in their bid to become a major hitter.

PSG were bought by a Qatari consortium last year and owner Nasser Al-Khelaifi has spelled out his plans for European domination. "We are already looking at the market for next season," he said. "It is true that we want Luis Suarez and Gonzalo Higuain. Our real short-term targets are to win the Champions League… we prefer to invest a lot and immediately. In the next five or six years, we still spend this amount."

The Metro speculates that PSG's hopes of snaring Suarez are "clouded", not unlike the striker's thought processes at times. While the Chilean is reportedly happy at Anfield the fact that Liverpool looks unlikely to qualify for next season's Champions League could prompt the South American to move across the Channel. And it's one way for the 25-year-old to put his racist run-in with Manchester United defender Patrice Evra behind him.

Talksport report that Chelsea have as much chance of landing Edinson Cavani as Roy Keane has of being invited to the Blues' end-of-season bash.

The Napoli striker, described by Talksport as "one of the most wanted men in world football", has netted 41 times for the Serie A club since joining from Palermo in 2010.

Chelsea have been eyeing him up for months, as have Manchester City and Juventus, but in an interview with Italian rag Il Mattino the 25-year-old declared his intention to remain at Napoli. "I find it perfect here," he said. "It's perfect to live here and at the moment things are going great for me. I do not want to pay attention to the market rumours."

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They will be calling them Manchester Arsenal soon it's typical of a team owned by Arabs like everything else in their lives they buy don't graft,invent,innovate or build anything themselves if they were not lucky enough to be sitting on oil they would still be sitting in the middle of the desert 

Suarez isn't from Chile, he's Uruguayan. Come on get your research right!

'unable to develop decent players of their own' - your having a laugh, spend more time doing your research before spouting rubbish like that. For a start who's England no1 goalkeeper currently and that for starters

We request all teams that are interest in Robbin Vanpersie to try somewhere else  

The 'journalist' that wrote this article should try and find themselves a better job more suited to their skills; maybe flipping burgers at McDonald's, something like that.

Well done, one player!

And he was from Shrewsbury you mug.

Like any fast progress, developing your own players moves up to a higher standard. It gets harder and harder for them to get a look in with the standard we have achieved. Only Richards left who is a regular, but players are scattered around the leagues from the City academy. With the standards of our academy players moving up several notches now, they will be coming through in the near future... no douby about it.

Cats pounce I think you'll find that slugs and snakes slither.

Not like Van Persie then who was raised in N London and has come up via Arsenals youth system eh?

Whoever wrote this article clearly has an IQ with a single digit.

How would going to France be putting the Evra incident behind Suarez???

mancity should develop their own players, If mancini is a coach, with all the money at his disposal, let him develop a good academy like arsena & liverpool and and barcellona and raise stars and not hunting for already made players. Arsenal cant continue to breed players for him.

Luis Suarez is from uruguay not chile

am a gunners fan,why manchester city wants to make Arsenal as ashopping ground?
Joseph Colman-Liberia

Van persie is going to City --How do I know ? Brian Mclair drinks in my local and was told by City's director of football before Xmas at a charity dinner that the deal was already "80%" done