Arsenal's Frimpong in Twitter trouble after 'yid' outburst

Jul 16, 2012

Rio Ferdinand also in the doghouse over Ashley Cole 'choc-ice' comment

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RIO FERDINAND has been joined on football's Twitter naughty step by Arsenal midfielder Emmanuel Frimpong after he got embroiled in a row with a Spurs fan on the social networking site and referred to Tottenham supporters as 'yids'.

The Arsenal man's unfortunate comment came after Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand stoked the embers of the John Terry race trial over the weekend by apparently describing Chelsea and England full back Ashley Cole as a "choc-ice" - a term used to describe someone who is black on the outside and white on the inside.

Both Frimpong and Ferdinand now face the possibility of an investigation by the FA for their outbursts as the issue of racism continues to overshadow the game.

Frimpong lost his temper on Sunday after receiving abuse from a Spurs fan. The midfielder, who is recovering from a knee injury, asked his half-a-million followers to "pray" for him if they were going to church on Sunday.

However one Tottenham fan wrote back saying: "I prayed you break your arms and legs" prompting Frimpong to react by calling them a "Scum Yid".

"The post was swiftly removed by Frimpong, but soon sparked great debate on the social network site among supporters from both Arsenal and Tottenham," reported the London Evening Standard.

Perhaps seeking to justify his use of the epithet, Frimpong later retweeted a comment from another Spurs fan saying he was saddened by abuse aimed at the Arsenal player and was "embarrassed to be a yid".

The term 'yid' has long been used to describe Spurs fans because of the club's connections to the Jewish community in north London. Some fans have adopted the term, but others, including Jewish comedian David Baddiel, have campaigned against it because of its anti-Semitic connotations.

Even some Arsenal fans were unimpressed and linked the furore to the trial of Chelsea captain John Terry. One blogger, The Marble Halls, called on Frimpong to apologise and said: "We wouldn't accept language like that if it came out of the mouth of John Terry so you better be sure we shouldn't accept it when it comes from one of our own."

As for Ferdinand, he has tried to play down the 'choc-ice' row by insisting that the slur does not have racial overtones but is simply "slang for someone who is being fake".

Cole, too, has tried to soothe the situation by issuing a statement that claimed he and Ferdinand were "good friends". He also cut to the heart of the matter when he noted: "Tweeting is so quick it often results in off-hand and stray comments."

That is a charitable view from Cole, who was racially abused on the site after missing a penalty during England's shoot-out with Italy at Euro 2012. He has an official account on the website which has been dormant for almost a year, but it still attracts plenty of hate mail from fans of his ex-wife Cheryl Cole.

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David Baddiel is an idiot completely out of touch with reality.
Spurs fans use the word Yid to defuse its negative connotation. Imagine if we could do that for every racial insult... then they'd just be words.

As a Jewish Spurs fan I have absolutely no issue with Frimpong and what he said at all. What the Spurs 'fan' said to him was the part I dislike, not his response.

Frimpong should go play pingpong.

I am YID! and a proud one too.Rio is a hypocrite 'choc-ice' means some one who is fake....Twat! If that one went to court he'd be f***ed lol I'm not a Terry fan obviously but that would be hilarious and if they do want to stamp out racism they would definitely make an impact on that front.Just not the way they intended.What's good for the goose and all that.Ferdinand is a racist! point blank.Unless he was in fact just calling Cole an ice

My main point was supposed to be,Frimpong is an idiot! but not coz he's a rasict but coz he's a gooner! lol

By definition he's an idiot ;)

Wishing any player breaks their limbs is pretty nasty no matter who they are though. Unless they are called "John Terry" of course.

frimpong didn't say anything bad about jews. hes a lad who was brought up hating spurs cos he loves arsenal and both supports have nicknames for the fans, i bet most arsenal fans don't even know its a jewish thing. What next tho? will we be banned from calling chelsea chelski? And how can rio get away with the choc ice. thats racist, if i called rio a choc ice or any coloured sweet name i would get done for racisim. and to say twitter is fast so things can get said n all that but dont you read it back before you post it? thats time to think.

What does 'choc ice' mean?John Amaechi Former NBA basketball player, psychologist and educator "It is the idea that a black person is black only in skin colour but inside they are really white. It's a highly derogatory term. It's a dangerous term because it allows black boys especially but black people in general, to believe that there is a way of being black that is somehow distinct from being white. There are people that think if you don't wear a certain type of clothing or listen to a certain type of music you're not really black. It's a really dangerous thing. There are black boys who do less well in school because they believe by doing well there, they are acting white. To me, this is devastating for black boys and black people everywhere. It's a deeply offensive term with racial connotations.

its time to stop this PC rubbish it was banter and no racial slur was intended and like DDS said its what the spurs fan said that was distastefull. That being said all thought i am always called a yid i am not Jewish so the word dose not have greater meaning to me but for the most part on the stands and on forums the Jewish fans dont take offence rather like all of us use it like a badge of honour , would going to the Lane be the same with out a chorus of " YID ARMY " i dont think so ,it is a word now steeped in the traditions of the club and it is to the credit of supporters in the past and present that the word "yid" now describes a Spurs supporter wether the person is Jewish or not , with out it being thought of as a racial slur i for one am proud to be a " yid " and will be to my dieing day.

I dont know where you got his half million fans from however, I digress. The fact remains that as a Spurs fan, I dont regard what Pingpong said as a racist remark. Us Spurs fans are often referred to as "Yids" and similarly, Arsenal fans are referred to as either "Gooners", "Le Arse" or "Woolwich Wanderers". There are other names of course but not necessary to list them on here.
As for Fredinand calling Cole a "Choc Ice", I've heard worse referrals such as "Coconut" (black on the outside white on the inside). Ferdinand is just angry at the Terry verdict because he knows what Terry called his brother and I'm sure that a vast majority of us would most likely react the same but you have to restrain yourself when your in the public eye, unfortunately Ferdinand didn't and will probably have to face the music for a while.

As a muslim spurs supporter i just call myself a spurs fan. some people like being called yid some dont. i dont think the comment from frimpong was racist though, it was reaction to some abuse he got.

how would you react if it spurs were refered to as the muslims and he said scum muslim?


Stop thinking you are smarter than the gooners. Look at your trophy and history and where you are.

Political correctness gone mad. Also, why do people think footballers should have a higher moral standing than the general public; most of the time they are a bunch of idiots who would be working in McDonalds if they didn't know how to kick a ball. So why do we expect so much from them and the let the fans in the terraces get away with murder?

If Tottenham supporters are going to waive banners and sing songs calling themselves Yiddos and Yid Army how can you fine someone for using those terms to describe themselves??