Arsenal is the most expensive team to watch in Britain - again

Oct 18, 2012

Gunners and Man United get more from every two home games than Wigan make in a year

ARSENAL has been named as the most expensive club to support in Britain for the second year running. The annual Price of Football survey found that a ticket to watch the Gunners in action could cost as much as £126, while the Emirates also boasts the nation's costliest season ticket, at £1,955.

Even the cheapest season tickets at Arsenal cost £985, which is nearly double the cost of an equivalent at Manchester United (£532) and almost four times as expensive as a pass to watch champions Manchester City (£275).

Newcastle boasted the cheapest match-day tickets at £15, while Wigan's season tickets were among the least expensive in the entire country. A pass to watch all the Latics' home games cost a maximum of just £310. The only other club in the top three divisions of English football to undercut that price was Walsall.

Wigan's cheapest season ticket was just £255. It costs more to watch AFC Telford United in the Blue Square Conference who charge a minimum of £266 (although they have more home games).

Overall, the BBC survey found that the average cost of the cheapest ticket to watch a league football match in Britain has risen by more than five times the rate of inflation. Last year the cheapest tickets cost, on average, £19.01, this year the figure is £21.24.

"The headline is inescapable: it has never been more expensive to watch the beautiful game," said the BBC. However, it pointed out that Premier League stadium occupancy rates are up 4 per cent on last year, at 95.1 per cent.

"And yet there are those who warn of the unseen tremors of problems to come," warned the report. "Tickets for Manchester United games have been going on general sale, while Arsenal fans well down the waiting list have been offered season tickets. Tickets are still in demand, but no longer like gold dust."

But the money is still rolling in for the big clubs. Arsenal and Man United make more money from gate receipts from every two home games they play than poor old Wigan manages in a season.

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