Arsenal strikers Podolski and Giroud run gauntlet on Twitter

Nov 8, 2012

Rival fans mock Gunners as they brave question and answer session on Twitter


MISFIRING Arsenal strikers Olivier Giroud and Lukas Podolski, with three league goals between them so far this season, were paraded on Twitter today to answer questions from fans.

Predictably, given the Gunner's current travails, among the fans asking what their favourite colours were, lurked supporters of other clubs keen to gloat at the pair's failings.

Giroud (above) copped the worst of the flak. Here are some of the toughest questions he faced:

"In the 98–99 season Heskey scored 6 goals and fell over in front of goal 456 times. Do you hope to emulate this record?" asked Ry.

"Why are you so shit?" asked Twitter user Danny.

"Are you an undercover agent hired by Spurs to destroy Arsenal? If so, keep up the good work!" said Benjamin Degay.

"Did you leave the French League because you were scared of Zlatan [Ibrahimovic]? He is quite good." wondered Danoftheavenue.

"Does it make you depressed that you will never be as good as Bergkamp, Henry, RVP or Chamakh?" queried Warehouse Republic.

Lukas Podolski fared little better when it was his turn to answer questions, although he was considered less of a liability than his French colleague.

"Do you think you can score more goals than Giroud if you played upfront?" asked A$ap Kony. "I think you would cause he's crap."

Other questioners were less complimentary:

"Do you want to leave yet?" wondered Michael Newborough.

"It's a fact that @arsenal have crappy goalkeepers. How does it feel to play alongside their third option?" Daniel Sant'Anna wanted to know.

"Big gunners fan but why is the team so useless at present?" demanded a supporter called Peter. "No ambition, no desire to win and terrible defending."

"Why'd you leave [former club] Köln for such a shit team?" asked George Wilson.

Ben Lennon was interested in Podolski's former employers. "How did it feel getting your boyhood club relegated last season and then leaving them?" he wondered.

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get a fackin life

Gervinoh, Ramsey and Chamack are the useless player and worse I have ever seen to the team