Nasri and Chamakh abused by laughing Arsenal fans - video

Jan 15, 2013

The former team mates made the mistake of walking to the Emirates on Sunday


SOMETIMES the life of a footballer is not all it's cracked up to be, and a video of former Arsenal team mates Samir Nasri and Marouane Chamakh running the gauntlet outside the Emirates goes some way to proving the point.

The pair were, unwisely, walking to the ground before the Gunners' game against Manchester City on Sunday when they were spotted by a group of Arsenal fans.

Nasri is not popular with the Emirates faithful after he quit the club and joined City in 2011, and the supporters made it clear where he stood in their affections. The French international, who was not playing in the game because he was suspended, was told in no uncertain terms what the fans thought of him, and fellow player Chamakh, who is currently on loan at West Ham after two-and-a-half unsuccessful seasons with the Gunners, was given short shrift when he tried to calm things down.

Some of the exchange was caught on camera, but things turned even nastier according to the Daily Mail. "Some video footage of Nasri being abused did appear on the internet yesterday but this did not include the moment when things threatened to become physical," said the paper. "Chamakh, on loan from Arsenal at West Ham, had to intervene when one supporter grabbed hold of Nasri by his coat."

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Embarrassing - wish Arsenal fans would stop the hating and support their team.

As much as I would like to laugh.. that isn't classy.. I think those two walkin was brave but that should never happen..

Makes me ashamed to call myself a football fan. No basic respect for another human being. Quality... is what it definitely isn't.

The guy who filmed this is more of a prick than nasri as is the daft cow walking with him, hope he gets what's coming to him!

These kind of people should be fined by the police. What they did was inhumane, abusive and downright aggressive. They should be named and shamed to prevent this stuff from happening again. Every person has the right to walk down the street and not get abuse.

While we all hate it when good players leave our club I feel Arsenal fans are by far the most bitter (i'm not talking about Chamakh here obviously, he's both not good and still an Arsenal player technically haha), maybe spending more time supporting the players at your club and less aiming bitterness towards those who leave woulkd help the current team a little more....

confirms it all; Racist fans cannot accept certain players origin. Chamkh is class; Arsenal is garbage. Emirates should find another team to sponsor