Arsene Wenger's Arsenal fine system leaked by online photo

Jan 21, 2013

Players face fines for lateness and attire, Per Mertesacker is debt collector

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PHOTOGRAPHS taken at Arsenal's Colney training ground have been leaked online and expose the strict regime run by manager Arsene Wenger, with fines of up to £1,000 for a variety of offences from failing to provide urine samples to wearing the wrong shoes in the dressing room.

The schedule of fines is a revealing document that proves Wenger to be a strict disciplinarian, with a particular distaste for bad timekeeping.

Of the 13 offences listed, four concern lateness, three are to do with attire and three relate to phones and newspapers. The worst offence, which carries a fine of £1,000, is for an unused player not to attend a home match.

Making a phonecall at the training complex carries a £500 fine, and the same punishment can be meted out to those who are late for training, treatment or team travel. Being late for a matchday meeting or a meal results in a £250 penalty.

Wearing outdoor shoes in the dressing room costs £100 and being caught in "innapropriate clothing outside of the dressing room" carries the same penalty.

And Wenger obviously does not care for newspapers - they are banned from the medical and dressing rooms.

The notice, signed by Wenger, warns that fines must be paid in cash within a week, or they are doubled. Offenders must give the money to giant German defender Per Mertesacker, who stands 6ft 6in tall.

The list was one of about 20 images taken by a friend of club doctor Gary O'Driscoll, who was given a tour of the facility. Arsenal have confirmed that the pictures are genuine and told The Sun: "The manager was made aware of the picture being published and we are very disappointed. We will review our procedures."

The paper says the club is "furious", but it has generated much amusement in other quarters.

"It seems that the cost of repaying that stadium debt has finally taken its toll on Arsene Wenger," said The Times, which claims the fines reveal the "desperate measures the Arsenal manager has started taking to generate money".

But according to the Daily Mail it wasn't the just the picture of the fines that will anger Arsenal. "More damaging for the club... was the image of the manager's office and desk, as well as a snap of the whiteboard which revealed German star Lukas Podolski would not feature in Sunday's game at Chelsea."

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Who cares. Show me news about using money to buy good players

Its what players need, discipline! More managers should do the same