BBC blunder: League table puts Arsenal fourth and Spurs sixth

Feb 4, 2013

Premier League table putting United 13 points clear appeared on BBC website on Sunday morning

IS THERE a clairvoyant working at BBC Sport? It certainly looked that way on Sunday morning when football fans were given an alternative view of the Premier League table, one which appeared to take the results of some of next week's games into account.

Fans of Manchester United and Arsenal would have been delighted with how the rogue table looked. The version shown on the BBC website on Sunday had Manchester United 13 points clear of City in second place and Arsenal sitting pretty in fourth place.

Things weren't so good for Spurs, who found themselves down in sixth place and out of Europe.

On closer inspection the reason for the strange-looking table was that most of the teams in the division had played one game more that they actually had, suggesting that the BBC knew in advance the results of next weekend's matches.

Fortunately, in the light of the Europe-wide probe into match fixing, there was a more innocent explanation. It appeared that the results of Saturday's matches had been entered twice, meaning the likes of United and Arsenal had been given six points for their wins, while City and Spurs had yet to play their games.

Things were back to normal on the website after the Sunday's games had been played, with City nine points behind United and Spurs back up to fourth.

On a more serious note, European police said on Monday they had cracked a criminal ring suspected of fixing 380 matches, including a Champions League tie played in England and also World Cup qualifying matches.

Most of the games were played in the domestic leagues of Turkey, Germany and Switzerland, reported Sky Sports, but matches elsewhere were also fixed by an Asian betting syndicate said police.

Europol head Rob Wainwright said the investigation had uncovered "match fixing activity on a scale we have not seen before".

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or prophecy

This was the same on the Sky Sports Football Score Centre app during the Spurs West Brom game

So how did Sky, ITV & Teletext all make the same mistake? do they all just copy & paste the BBC table?? also any messages questioning the tables on the BBC site were deleted swiftly, why would they spend time moderating messages instead of fixing the table???

Seriously, this is "news" come on...

Fantasy Prem and Sky sports had the exact same table. I even took a pic to make sure I wasn't dreaming lol