Arsenal Puma deal: is white 'Spurs' kit a marketing ploy?

Jul 2, 2014

First official glimpse of new Gunners kits suggests that one outfit will be all-white like their rivals

YouTube / Puma

Arsenal fans have been given their first official glimpse of the much-anticipated new Puma kits in a teaser video released by the manufacturer, ahead of the official release on 11 July.

However, the apparent decision to include an all-white kit in the Gunners wardrobe next season has not gone down well in some quarters thanks to its similarity to that of bitter local rivals, Spurs.

In the three 15-second clips the only kit that is actually seen in full is a white number, and it's existence appears to have also been confirmed by Puma on Twitter. There are, however, only tantalising glimpses of the main home and away kits.

One shot of Mesut Ozil modelling a red and white top appears to indicate that the new home shirts will resemble the designs leaked regularly on the internet in recent months. The detail of the collar is identical to that of a shirt being worn by Thierry Henry in a picture alongside Linford Christie, which was posted online last autumn.

The fact that Ozil, currently at the World Cup in Brazil with Germany, is wearing the kit means the promo must have been filmed some time ago.

The second kit appears to be blue, rather than the traditional yellow, but the most controversial aspect of the video is the presence of the all-white number.

Some fans are up in arms over the similarity to the Spurs uniform, but others believe it may be a marketing ploy. They point to the bursts of colour and the different collars on the three kits in the Puma picture, suggesting that the three outfits will actually be red, yellow and blue.

All will be revealed on 11 July.

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The three kits have been leaked online on several websites. One is red (of course), one is yellow, one is blue.

stupidest article ever. get a real job

The all white kit signifies a blank canvas, you my friend have no inkling of what you are talking about,

Are you stupid or something!? The white kit (if there ever was one) is for marketing purposes before the official kit launch which doesn't take place until July 10. However, leaked photos of the official kits have been on the internet all week. That you don't know that tells me, and the whole world, you don't don't research the subject of your articles. Back to journalism school, you go!

Whoever wrote this article is a div. The white kit shown is a blank canvass, they did not want to give away the new kit(even though it's been leaked all over the internet). You really shouldn't be a journalist.