The al-Qaeda Factor: Jihadists use autotune

Radical Muslims are recording their own songs and posting them online

LAST UPDATED AT 16:35 ON Thu 27 May 2010

A new craze is sweeping radical Islam. Singing badly. There has been a recent influx of jihadist songs finding their way onto the internet, some even employing 'autotune' technology, beloved of rappers Kanye West and T Pain, to try and jazz up their offerings.

But before TV execs rush out to commission reality TV shows like Jihad's Got Talent or the al-Aqsa Factor it's worth bearing the quality of the offerings. This example, written in homage to Osama bin Laden, was posted by Asadaullah Alshishani on a Jihadi forum.

And judging by the lyrics, it seems that the modern phenomenon of the 'bromance' has managed to find its way into Islamic culture. Osama himself could not have anticipated inspiring devotion that would lead to the lyrics: "How beautiful you are / Your sword gleams in the sun / Like a shining star."

Luckily, the double entendres soon disappear - but they are replaced by even less appealing imagery, as the words "paralyze the Jews" are immortally rhymed with "blow up the Hindu". · 

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