The insider’s guide to eating out in Mumbai

Nov 26, 2009

The First Post’s top five restaurants - chosen for atmosphere, value and great food

Mumbai is the subcontinent's most cosmopolitan city, and is amply supplied with fashionable Chinese, Thai, Italian, Mexican, and 'multi-cuisine' (fusion) joints where society girls and Bollywood stars hang out. But if you want to sample the authentic regional specialities and mingle with an arty Mumbai in-crowd head to one of the restaurants below, they have all been chosen for atmosphere and good value as much as for good food. All have been nominated by people who live and work in the city.

£1 = approx 78 Rupees.

Culture CurryNr Hinduja Hospital, Kataria Rd, Opp Mahim HPO
A vibrant, multi-award winning restaurant, decorated with antique wooden carvings and specialising in south Indian food from Chettinad, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad and Karnataka. Expect fresh coconut, tropical vegetables and lots of seafood.  Two-course dinner for two inc wine: around R 1000.
contact: +91 22 2436 3939

Jimmy Boy Off Horniman Circle, 11 Bank St, Fort
A superb example of old-fashioned 'Irani' (Persian-influenced) cafes that were once ubiqutous in the city, but are now dying out. This spacious venue serves traditional Parsi dishes in generous portions, such as 'lagan nu bhonu'  (typical wedding banquet).
Two-course lunch for two inc soft drinks: around Rs 600
contact: +91 22 2266 2503

Mahesh Lunch Home8B Cawasji Patel St, Fort
For caviar curry and spiced baby shark, a visit to this small, bright and buzzy restaurant specialising in Manglorean seafood is a must. Don't miss the gassis - thick coconut-based Manglorean curries that are hot, tangy and creamy.
Two-course dinner for two with wine: around R 900 contact: +91 22 2287 0938/ 2202 3965

Swati Snacks248 Karai Estate, Tardeo Rd
Panki (rice flour pancake steamed in banana leaves, served with green chutney) is the signature dish at this enormously popular contemporary Gujarati canteen specialising in vegetarian snacks and street food.
Two-course lunch for two with soft drinks: around R 400. contact:
+91 22 6580 8406

Viva PaschimCity View, Dr Annie Besant Rd, Worli
Charmingly decorated with folk art, this upscale restaurant, co-owned by Vimla Patil (one of Mumbai's biggest food personalities) offers rarely-seen dishes from western India, particularly Maharashtra, Goa, Mangalore and Gujarat. You'll find colocasia green and cashew nut curry and clams simmered in smoked coconut masala on the regularly changing menu.
Two-course dinner for two with wine: around R 1500.
contact: +91 22 2493 1851


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