Getafe boosts support with lesbian zombie sex film

Aug 25, 2011

Spanish football club hits upon an unusual way to get more fans to come to its games (with video)

While most football clubs try and boost their profile with charity matches, community work and maybe a lucrative trip abroad to try and tap new markets, Spanish outfit Getafe have chosen to go down another route - with a 1970s style soft-porn film featuring lesbian zombies and a call for its supporters to donate sperm.

The video, which has become a big hit on YouTube, is the latest marketing ploy from the perenially unfashionable Madrid-based club, which must compete with its two much-bigger local rivals, Real and Atletico Madrid for support.

Last year they finished one point clear of the relegation places in La Liga and, as the club with the least number of fans in the division, they have now embarked on a drive to attract more support.

The unusual ad begins with a man standing alone in the club's 17,700 capacity stadium. Viewers are warned: "There's a problem: there aren't many of us." But there is a solution. Apparently, if Getafe fans donate sperm then their offspring will inherit their father's support for the club.

The lone fan is then seen heading for the sperm clinic where he is given a plastic tub and a DVD called Zombies Calientes de Getafe - Getafe's hot zombies. We then get to watch some of the 70s-style porn flick, featuring scantily-clad women in a room decorated with Getafe memorablia who can't contain their urges after drinking a special potion.

So exciting is the film that the fan has no difficulty in making his deposit, and therefore does his bit to help spawn a new generation of Getafe fans.

It's not the first time the club has produced an unusual video. It marked the end of last season with a clip featuring a weeping koala bear at a piano singing a song about how sad and lonely he was.

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