Did Mourinho give Barca coach a ‘wet willy’?

Aug 18, 2011

Video: The Real Madrid coach stooped to playground tactics during brawl with Barcelona

The Spanish football season has barely begun and already Jose Mourinho is embroiled in controversy after he was seen twisting the ear of Barcelona coach Tito Vilanova, or possibly giving him a 'wet willy', as Real Madrid's season opener against their bitter rivals descended into farce.

All 22 players, subs and coaches got involved in the bout of argy-bargy at the end of the Spanish Supercup game. But, as usual, when the dust settled it was Mourinho left in the spotlight, thanks to his childish reaction.

While most of the participants were making a scene, pushing each other around with Latin flair and posturing furiously, Mourinho snuck up behind Vilanova, grabbed his earlobe and gave it a yank, before turning tail and sloping off.

His efforts at nonchalence did not pass muster and Vilanova gave him a shove by way of retribution. That prompted Mourinho, ever the provocateur, to start pouting like a Portuguese Mick Jagger.

It is not clear from the video if Mourinho was trying to give the Barca coach a "wet willy", the practical joke beloved of schoolboys in which the aggressor licks his finger and then sticks it in the victim's ear, but his actions seemed just as childish.

Afterwards Barcelona defender Gerard Pique accused the Real Madrid coach of "destroying Spanish football". He added: "I think it's going too far. It cannot always end well. In the end this will end very badly."

For his part Mourinho then appeared at the post-match press conference and compared Barcelona, the Spanish and European Champions, to a "small-time team".

However, as his actions were not included in the referee's match report, Mourinho is likely to escape punishment.

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