A.Samuels, the 55-year-old rapper, starts Livin De Life

Aug 10, 2011

Allen Samuels may be getting on, but he’s a match for Rebecca Black and Madison Bray (with video)

Will 2011 come to be remembered as the year pop music finally went belly up? After Rebecca Black and Madison Bray declared war on the world's eardrums now it is the turn of a man who is not only old enough to know better, he's old enough to be their grandfather.

But it seems that 55-year-old Allen Samuels is not the kind of man who can count self-awareness, or for that matter pride, among his qualities, as his extraordinary transformation from casino worker to rapper testifies.

Having spent 30 years in the gambling business, apparently in Atlantic City, Samuels met a French entrepreneur who evidently convinced him that no matter how much money he had he should stop being boring and start "living the life".

Allen took that as an invitation to change his name to A.Samuels and record a rap song. That single, Livin De Life (he can't even spell 'Da' right), is out now on iTunes, and it would appear to have somehow got the backing of legendary rap label Def Jam.

Samuels has released a video to accompany the ditty, which is reminiscent of Diddy when he was known as Puff Daddy. It features the star in a variety of locations and costumes jiggling around slightly out of time with the music and could, in the future, be used as a dramatic example of how a mid-life crisis unfolds.

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