Video: Woman ‘throws live puppies into river’

Aug 31, 2010
Sophie Taylor

Video: 4chan users turn their sights on young woman allegedly filmed drowning dogs (Warning: video contains graphic violence and animal abuse)

The image website 4chan, whose users tracked down the 'Coventry cat dumper' Mary Bale before Fleet Street got to her, has turned its attentions this week to a young woman who allegedly threw live puppies into a river.

The graphic video (warning: contains animal abuse), above, shows a young blonde woman in a red hooded sweatshirt tossing several wriggling puppies into fast flowing water. 

The clip, which was posted on 4chan's  /b/ messageboard on Monday, has sparked an online campaign to find the woman. She has now become the target of dog lovers around the world (as well as misogynists - sample comments from  4chan's '/b/rothers', as messageboard users call themselves, include "Find this dumb little bitch and throw her into a river" and "We need a bunch of rapist, [sic] who will ruin the rest of her life".)

Death threats have been left on at least one YouTube account where the video was also posted. Some messageboard-users have claimed that the video was filmed in Croatia after tracking down potential suspects via Facebook profiles.

Last week 4chan users claimed that they identified Mary Bale, the British woman who was caught on CCTV throwing a cat into a rubbish bin.

Bale, a 45-year-old bank worker, has since admitted that she was the person responsible for throwing the tabby into the wheelie bin. Bale has been interviewed by the RSPCA but no decision on has been made on whether she will be charged.

A Thai woman was also caught last week trying to smuggle a tiger cub out of the country. The cub was hidden in a suitcase full of cuddly toy tigers.

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