Deng and Murdoch naked in NMA’s version of ‘piegate’

Jul 22, 2011
Ben Riley-Smith

Video: And that’s just one of the Taiwanese animator’s bizarre depictions of the select committee hearing

It takes an unusual mind to have watched Wendi Deng's combative intervention at 'piegate' this week and decide that to illuminate the story Rupert Murdoch and his young wife must be depicted naked in a cartoon. But then we can always rely on offbeat Taiwanese animators NMA to come up with a creative angle.
Their latest video – telling the story of how the media mogul's 'tiger wife' took down comedian turned attacker Jonnie Marbles at Tuesday's select committee hearing – certainly doesn't disappoint. Indeed at one point Deng literally transforms into a tiger and proceeds to bite the activist's legs, with spurting blood and high-pitched screams thrown in for good measure.
There's also an imaginative depiction of LulzSec, dressed in a top hat and pipe, leaving a retirement home to fire cannon balls at News Corp. And to finish off, the pesky animators decide to get litigious by showing Wendi dancing around Murdoch's grave and asking whether she "regrets her decision to save him".
All in all, a merry mix of information, inventiveness and mild racism.

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