Flight MH370: the five best accounts to follow on Twitter

Flight MH370

Where to look for the best news and analysis on missing Malaysia Airways flight MH370

LAST UPDATED AT 14:36 ON Fri 25 Apr 2014

AS THE search for the missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 continues, information continues to trickle out from investigators in Malaysia, Australia and the remote area of the Indian Ocean in which the plane is believed to have crashed.

These five tweeters offer a good overview of the unfolding mystery.

MH370 News, is an unofficial account tweeting news from a great range of media sources in the US, UK, Australia, Malaysia, and India.

Search and rescue officers from the Australian Maritime Safety Authority are coordinating the hunt for the MH370 in the Indian Ocean. Their tweets detail where the international search is taking place each day with maps and links to official press releases.

H2O Comms is a feed set up to report news on the MH370 from Malaysia's minister of defence and acting minister of transport Hishammuddin Hussein. For the uncut version, Hussein tweets at @HishammuddinH2O.

David Molko is covering the MH370 from Perth, in Australia. His comprehensive updates offer rolling coverage, as well as titbits from interviews he conducts with search officials. CNN's business anchor and aviation correspondent @RichardQuest also tweets occasionally on the MH370, debunking emerging myths, and promoting discussion around aeronautical safety.

The initial response of Malaysia Airlines to the crisis was broadly criticised, particularly when the company decided to text news of the flight's fate to the passengers' families. But their Twitter feed is a good source of information on the missing flight. It also links to a moving video of Malaysia Airlines' chief stewardess, Farisha Mohamed Shariff, recounting stories about her missing colleagues.

Below is a Twitter list that brings these five tweeters together. Follow the list here

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