Four Seasons launches flying hotel for the super-rich

Apr 25, 2014

Resort group plans luxury world tours on a bespoke Four Seasons jet staffed by chefs and a concierge

Mario Tama/Getty Images

LUXURY hotel group Four Seasons has announced plans to offer global tours to the ultra-rich in a bespoke private jet.

From next year the Boeing 757, dubbed the "Four Seasons Jet", will take a small number of guests on a 24-day round-the-world trip from Los Angeles to London, stopping at Four Seasons properties in Hawaii, Bora Bora, Sydney, Bali, Thailand, Mumbai and Istanbul.

The plane will be fitted with flatbed seats for every passenger with plush interiors designed by the company's in-house team. It will be staffed with chefs and an onboard concierge to arrange spa packages and activities for guests before they land in cities around the world, Bloomberg reports.

While a regular 757 can accommodate up to 233 passengers, the Four Seasons plane will take a maximum of 52 guests. The trip costs $119,000 (£71,000) per person, which includes transport, accommodations, excursions, meals and drinks.

Four Seasons first began offering world tours in 2012, but this is the first time it has operated its own private jet.

A shorter tour, 16-day European trip to Paris, Lisbon, Milan, Istanbul, St. Petersburg and Prague will launch in April next year.

The Toronto-based resort company says that the private jet will also be available for charter for special events at a cost of $2m for a 10-day trip.

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