Word Crimes: Weird Al's Blurred Lines parody and 5 other hits

Jul 17, 2014

Weird Al Yankovic is back with eight new videos in eight days, including Word Crimes

Weird Al Yankovic is back with a new album of parody songs lampooning the current generation of pop mega-stars – including Word Crimes, a grammatically precise version of Robin Thicke's Blurred Lines.

With a career spanning four decades, Weird Al has outlived many of those whose songs he once sent up, including Michael Jackson and Kurt Cobain. So what is behind his enduring success?

The New Yorker's Ian Crouch ascribes his longevity to his refusal to age or update his act: "We get older but he stays the same age – goofy, juvenile, exuberant, and proudly uncool, a gawky guy with a perm and a nasally, insistent voice, whose tastes run toward geek humour and polka."

As Weird Al's online promotional blitz cranks up – with a new video each day for eight days straight – we take a look back at some of his all time biggest hits of all time.

Amish Paradise

"And I've been milking and ploughing so long that even Ezekiel thinks that my mind is gone".

Smells like Nirvana

"A garage band from Seattle, well it sure beats raising cattle"

White and Nerdy

"MC Escher that's my favourite MC"


"Your butt is wide, well mine is too. Just watch your mouth or I'll sit on you"

Like a Surgeon

"I can hear your heartbeat for the very last time"

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