Star Wars 7 'to tell story of Han Solo and Princess Leia's children'

New Star Wars films may follow the story of the Solo twins, and the temptations of the Dark Side

LAST UPDATED AT 15:20 ON Tue 1 Apr 2014

THE upcoming Star Wars 7 movie may follow the family of Han Solo and Princess Leia, and eventually dovetail into a plot about Luke Skywalker's son Ben, insiders suggest.

Cinemablend reports that casting calls and announcements by Disney, which mention a "trio of young leads", may indicate that Star Wars 7 will focus on the Solo family, including their three children: twins named Jacen and Jaina and their youngest son, Anakin.

After the success of George Lucas's original trilogy of films, the Star Wars universe was spun out in books and comics written by numerous writers. Some of the stories followed the exploits of the original films' main characters, along with their future progeny, providing a potential template for the films.

The Daily Beast reports that in 2012 Timothy Zahn, a "sci-fi legend" who penned a number of Star Wars books, told Entertainment Weekly: "The original idea as I understood it — and Lucas changes his mind off and on, so it may not be what he's thinking right now — but it was going to be three generations... and if there was another seventh, eighth, or ninth film, it would be Luke's children."

So what might happen next? According to the Star Wars canon, as relayed by Wookieepedia, Han Solo and Princess Leia marry almost immediately after the defeat of the evil Galactic Empire in the final film, Return of the Jedi. The peaceful years that follow the fall of Darth Vader and the Emperor are disrupted, however, when a new enemy known as the Yuuzhan Vong invades the galaxy and Han Solo and Luke Skywalker join up once again to head into battle.

A later plot follows the story of Han Solo's twin children. Like his grandfather, Darth Vader, Jacen begins his career as a promising young Jedi knight, fighting valiantly in the Yuuzhan Vong War. But after his brother Anakin is killed and he is taken hostage and tortured, Jacen turns, gradually, to the Dark Side. Eventually Jacen Solo takes over the galaxy and becomes a tyrannical ruler.

How will his twin sister Jaina react? And how will Luke Skywalker's son Ben play a part? At present, only the series' incoming director JJ Abrams can say.

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they want to concentrate less on the celeb actors and more on the script judging by the last few attempts. And perhaps Benedict Cumberbatch could sit this one out too, since he seems to be in everything nowadays.

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